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2013 ipad event

Apple hasn't demoed an iPad on stage all year

Speaking of Ben Thompson, here's an interesting response and extrapolation to his iPad event piece on Stratechery from Pavan Rajam on the rajam report:

The iPads didn’t get much stage time and weren’t featured in any demos. What is particularly disconcerting is that Apple has not done a single on-stage demo for the iPad this year. Nothing at WWDC, nothing at last month’s iPhone event, and nothing at the Fall Event. Perhaps if they moved the iPad reveal to the middle of the keynote they could have done demos showing off how the iPad and Mac apps work together. By waiting to reveal the iPad at the end of the event, they weren’t able to demo the new apps and the benefits of 64-bit without outing the new products. Imagine if Xander Soren had demoed GarageBand with 32-tracks on an iPad Air. That’s something that’s never been done before, and would have showed what the product can do in a very meaningful way.

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Remembering what makes an iPad 'magical'

There's been a lot of debate about both the recent Apple iPad & Mac event, and the nature of the iPad compared to competing products like Microsoft's Surface. I've joined in on both fronts. Ben Thompson, however, has neatly tied both up together and topped them with a bow. Stratechery:

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Bored, bothered, and bewildered: Exploring the reaction to the 2013 iPad & Mac event

It's almost impossible to actually take in an event when you're covering it live. Whether you're transcribing what's being said, or providing play-by-play commentary, color, and analysis, you're forced to pay only partial attention to what's going on because the rest of your attention is busy digesting, translating, and expounding on it for your audience. So, after I finished doing the live iMore show during Apple's 2013 iPad and Mac event I had to go back and watch it properly in order to fully appreciate everything that went on, to get the subtleties and nuances, to catch the slips and hints, and to formulate an overall opinion of the event. I've done that twice now. And overall, I'm conflicted.

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iMore show 371: iPad & Mac event... Looped!

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop joins Rene and Peter to talk about Apple's iPad and Mac event, and the new, Glide-powered The Loop Magazine.

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iMore show 369: iPad & Mac event live!

Rene and Peter provide a full preview, live coverage, color, commentary, and analysis, and a wrap up of Apple's October 22 iPad and Mac special event.

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Retina iPad mini and iPad Air event: What we didn't get

Now that the iPad event has wrapped up, it's time to take stock of what we got and what expectations have been left unfulfilled. Before we dive in, it's fair to note that they announced a lot - a new MacBook Pro, the iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, and lots of extras on products that have already been announced, like the launch of OS X Mavericks and the new Mac Pro's pricetag. On the whole, it's been a solid day for news, and there's really little reason to complain about anything. We're still going to find things to nitpick about, though.

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Apple posts full iPad & Mac keynote video, in case you missed it!

If for whatever reason you missed out on the iPad & Mac keynote from earlier, you can now head on over to the Apple website to relive the event in all its glory as Apple has posted it in in its entirety.

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Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.3 with plenty of improvements and bug fixes

While there was no mention of an iOS update being released today during the keynote, Apple has now sent out iOS 7.0.3 to the masses and along with it, plenty of improvements and bug fixes.

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Original iPad mini marked down to $299

As a part of the launch of the Retina iPad mini, Apple announced that the original iPad mini is getting a price cut down to $299, and the new iPad mini 2 will be taking the $399 spot.

$299 is a sweet spot for many tablet shoppers, and it's good to see a relatively new iPad finding its way down the price ladder that low. Anyone considering snagging one as a holiday gift?

Keep an eye on our event coverage from today!

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Apple announces retina iPad mini, available November 1 for $399

Apple has just announced a retina iPad mini which will push the same amount of pixels as its older sibling, the iPad Air. It will also feature the same 10 hours of battery life as well.

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