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Why can I gift internationally with Amazon... but not iTunes?

Earlier today Apple enabled iBooks gifting. It's been a long time coming. Steve Jobs introduced the iBookstore alongside the original iPad in 2010, and it's taken until well after the 5th generation, iPad Air, shipped in 2013 for gifting to become available. I was ecstatic at first, because I'd been "forced" to use Amazon's Kindle service to gift ebooks until now. Finally, I thought, I could gift iBooks. But I thought too soon. Apple and iTunes, I quickly remembered, only allows gifting to someone who uses the same regional account you do. So, for example, I can only gift an iBook - or iTunes song or movie or App Store app or whatever - from the iTunes Canada store my account is in, to someone who also uses the iTunes Canada store. That eliminates a ton of my friends who just happen to live in the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere. Amazon, by contrast, not only lets me use my account to login to or, but it lets me gift Kindle books, send gift certificates, and even order real material goods, for friends in those countries. In this increasingly important way, Amazon is absolutely pantsing Apple and iTunes.

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Gifts for alpha-geeks: Best coffee-making gadgets for the caffeine junkie in your life

Like many of you this morning, I clicked on Rene's Gifts for alpha-geeks: Best beverage-making gadgets article, but I realized something after I started reading: Rene's list was a bit lightweight when it came to coffee. Let's face it, lots of alpha-geeks love coffee. Rene's list included some great items like the Aerobie Aeropress and Baratza coffee grinder, but there's a lot more out there. If there are serious coffee enthusiasts on your Christmas list this season, here are six more gifts that would make them (or you) very happy.

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Apple's outsourcing of social continues: iTunes gifts now available in Facebook

You can now buy iTunes gifts from within Facebook's gift system. iTunes gifts in Facebook are available for $10, $15, $25, or $50, and can be used to buy videos, music, apps, and more. Facebook says:

Starting today with Facebook Gifts, you can instantly gift your friends iTunes digital gifts and recommend albums, movies, games, apps, and more available on the iTunes Store.

Search for a specific song or album to recommend, or let your friend decide. iTunes digital gifts are available for $10, $15, $25, or $50.

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Last minute gift ideas for iPhone and iPad

Before you pull a Homer Simpson and leave your family with nothing but the sound of broken glass, revving engines, and squealing tires to let them know you once again forgot their gifts, check out TiPb's last minute gift ideas for iPhone and iPad. They're better than whatever you'll find left at the QuickyMart and might just keep you out of the dog house (and off the couch) on the night before Christmas, or the day of the big birthday or anniversary!

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TiPb asks: What tech gift do you want for the holidays?

iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox Kinnect, PlayStation Move, Jambox, Nexus S, MacBook Air -- there seems to be so much wonderful tech out there that I am finding it increasingly difficult to figure out what I would really like to receive this holiday season!

What type of tech gifts are you hoping to find under the tree? Is there something cool you really want from that someone special in your life? Help me out, TiPb community, and let me know what you want!

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TiPb's 2008 iPhone Holiday Helper Gift Guide

What to get for that annoying iPhone owner who knows has everything? For that new iPhone user who's just getting started? For that last minute drop in you never expected but suddenly have to render iSpeechless?

TiPb's got you covered! Here's our 2008 Gift Guide, jammed packed with iPhone goodness just in time for the holidays, after the jump!

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