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Ipad 2 Event

iPhone Live 140: iPad 2 Invasion!

Georgia, Chad, and Rene talk Apple's iPad 2 event: Steve Jobs, iBooks, iPad 2 hardware, iOS 4.3 new features, iMovie update, GarageBand for iOS and much, much more. This is iPhone... er... iPad Live!

Show notes and all the week's iPhone news after the break!

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iPad 2 event roundup

Steve Jobs once again put sneaker to stage and introduced us to the all new Apple iPad 2 today... and that's not all. From iBooks to iTunes, iOS 4.3 AirPlay to Home Sharing, HDMI out to Smart Cover ups, iMovie to GarageBand Apple tried hard to tell us why 2011 would again be the year of the iPad. Did they succeed? Frankly we're too exhausted to even think about it -- so you tell us!

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iPad 2 -- what we didn't get!

Sure Apple showed off a lot during the iPad 2 event but they didn't give us everything we wanted, now did they? While I can't tell for sure yet if I got my smaller bezel (I'll be measuring down to the millimeter!) there are some hardware and software features that are obviously missing in action.

We're going to go over them after the break!

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TiPb asks: What did you think of the iPad 2 event?

So after all the build up, the leaks, the anticipation, and the rumors Apple finally held their iPad 2 event today... and what did you think?

Were you overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or... just whelmed? Are the iPad 2 specs enough? Do you like the HDMI out and Smart Covers? Are iMovie and GarageBand must-have apps? Was it great to see Steve Jobs on stage?

Give us your highlights and low

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Apple gives us iMovie for iPad

Apple's resident video software engineering genius Randy Ubillos was on hand at the iPad 2 event today to demo Apple's newly universal version iMovie with support for iPad. With precision editing, multitrack recording, new themes, AirPlay to Apple TV, and HD video sharing, it looks to really take advantage of both the big screen and the new cameras in iPad 2.

$4.99, same price, double the device.

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iOS 4.3 previewed at iPad 2 event, coming March 11

VP of iOS, Scott Forstall took the stage as part of Apple's iPad 2 event to show off more features for iOS 4.3:

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Apple shows off iPad 2 Smart Covers

Along with the new iPad 2, Apple showed off a "Smart Cover" accessory. It connects magnetically to the iPad and will automatically turn it on when it opens and off when it closes. They're also segmented so you can prop the iPad up in various ways.

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Apple announces 1080p HDMI out for mirrored iPad display

As part of the iPad 2 event today Apple announced a new $39 HDMI accessory that will do full display mirroring for iPad up to 1080p. It will work with all apps, requires no setup or configuration, and can pass through power so you can charge while playing your games and videos on the big screen.

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iBooks: 100 million downloads, Random House bringing 17,000 titles

As part of the iPad 2 event today Apple announced that their iBooks ebook store has enjoyed over 100 million downloads since launching alongside the original iPad in 2010. Also, as previously noted, Random House has finally become the last major publisher to sign on and will be bringing 17,000 additional titles to the iBookstore.

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Apple Store Down in advanced of iPad 2 event

Wow, still 3 hours to go before the iPad 2 event and the Apple Online Store is already down? The chances of iPad 2 being available to buy following the event are slim but could pre-orders start as soon as today? Could something else be getting an update? (No white iPhone 4 rumors, please!) Or is this just the worst scheduled maintenance window ever?

[Thanks Alexander!]

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