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Iphone Apps

Quick app and give-away: GPS Tracks for iPhone

GPS Tracks is exactly what its name implies, a real-time location tracking application. It takes advantage of iOS 4 multitasking so that you can use other apps while tracking. In addition to tracking your location, it also keeps track of your time and distance and displays everything nicely in a built-in Google map.

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Fring 2-way video calling lets iPhone 4 chat with Android, Nokia

Fring has just updated their app to allow iPhone 4 users to chat with Android and Nokia/Symbian S60 users with the appropriate camera hardware. So while FaceTime remains easier and slicker if you're both on iPhone 4 on Wi-Fi, if you want to get some cross-platform chat on, this is your go-to option.

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iOS 4 app updates: Bing, CoPilot, Gowalla, Waze, Osfoora

As you all know, we've been watching the App Store for iOS4 compatible updates. We've found a few we think are worthy of a postup, and as normal, if you guys find anything especially awesome, feel free to leave it in a comment or send it to me in an e-mail (ally (dot) kazmucha (at) tipb (dot) com) and if we think it's awesome too, we'll include it in our next roundup!

Hit the jump to see what we found lurking in the App Store this time!

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Eliminate: GunRange for iPhone 4- app review


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Ngmoco has just brought out the ultimate game/tech-demo (to show your friends) for the iPhone 4 -- Eliminate GunRange. It's a virtual gun range game where you use real weapons to shoot targets. The concept is not entirely engrossing as there are plenty of other top-notch shooting games out there (ngmoco's own Eliminate comes to mind). What makes this game fun and special is that it is the first game to take full use of the new iPhone 4 gyroscope. How does it work? Continue reading to find out!

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Apple updates MobileMe iDisk: Universal for iPad/iPhone, multitasking for iOS 4

Apple has just updated their Mobile iDisk app not only to add iOS 4 multitasking but also making it a universal app to support both iPhone and iPad. Here are the details on version 2.1:

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Pulse News Mini for iPhone - App Review

Pulse News Mini for iPhone is one of the newer RSS clients to appear in the App Store.  I happened to catch it in the featured section of the App Store and figured I'd give it a try.  Up until now, I've been a faithful fan of the Reeder client for iPhone.  I'm starting to think that Pulse News Mini could definitely give it a run for it's money.

Read on for more screenshots and a walkthrough.

[iTunes Link]

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+ equals universal iPhone/iPad app in App Store

If you see a + sign next to or below an app in the iTunes App Store, it indicates that app is universal -- designed to work natively on both the iPhone and iPad.

Typically these universal apps are provided by developers when the functionality is similar on both iPad and iPhone, but due to the iPad's large screen a different interface is needed (to include sidebars, popovers, and wide views instead of deep levels).

It also means you only have to download -- and pay for -- the app once.

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FarmVille for iPhone - app review

FarmVille is a widely popular real-time farm simulation game created by Zynga. It was originally created as a flash game for Facebook and eventually became available at farmville.com. Players can now farm on go with the most recent version of FarmVille on the iPhone.

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iPhone at Work: Law Enforcement

How's Hulu for iPhone and iPad working for you?

How's Hulu plus working for you?online survey

How's Hulu plus for iPhone and iPad working for you? Have you given it a whirl, do you know where you stand yet? Give us your vote in the poll up top and then tell us your impressions so far in the comments.

Ready to give up cable? Ready to kick media executives until they do it better?

If you're in the US and haven't grabbed it yet, what are you waiting for?

[Hulu plus on iTunes]

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