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Best iPhone apps and accessories for running and jogging

"Whether you're new to jogging or are a seasoned marathoner, there are tons of great iPhone apps and accessories will help you to be the best runner you can possibly be."

The iPhone is the perfect companion for those looking to get into jogging or running, or those looking to keep their long-term training fun and fresh. Since it's health and Fitness month here at iMore and the Mobile Nations network, we're going to take a look a the very best accessories and apps that'll help you get the most out of your experience.

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Bungie’s Marathon 2 arriving in the App Store on December 16

The second part to the hugely popular Mac gaming trilogy Marathon is set to hit the App Store on Thursday December 16. The original Marathon title was released back in July to great acclaim and better still it was free. The creators, Bungie, later went on to make Halo for the Xbox.

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Marathon 1 brings classic Mac gaming to the iPad

Marathon 1 is now available free in the App Store. Originally released for the Mac in 1994, Marathon is a classic first person shooter game by Bungie (who were later acquired by Microsoft and responsible for the Halo series). It started its iPad journey as a personal project by a developer called Daniel Blezek. Bungie got wind of the project and it has now been officially sanctioned. Marathon 1 is the first part of a trilogy.

STORY - defend the UESC Marathon colony ship against the aggressive Pfhor - play the role of the cyborg security officer - witness the rampancy of Durandal, the ship-board A.I. - uncover the surprising secrets of the Pfhor and the UESC Marathon


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