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Some users experiencing issues using Gmail over IMAP, Google working to fix

A large set of Gmail users are experiencing a service disruption when using the service with an IMAP mail client.

Google is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. The issues seem to only be affecting those using Gmail with an IMAP mail client, and results in error messages and other problems.

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Google apologizes for outage, claims what we had was a failure to configurate...

Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Google+, and pretty much anything and everything that required a login was down for a while today, and it turns out the reason for it all was a bum configuration file that got accidentally, devastatingly pushed live. Ben Treynor, VP Engineering at Google:

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Rogers voice network down in Canada. Panic ensuing. Politely.

Rogers, one of the big three Canadian carriers, and its budget-branded subsidiary, Fido, are experiencing severe, nationwide voice network outages at the moment. Several of us here at iMore can't place calls at all, though data still works fine. It's supposedly coming back up, but we've not seen it yet. As you can imagine, Canadians depending on their cell phone service are in a bit of a panic. Albeit with traditional politeness.

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The case of the missing icon: Some people unable to access TV Shows on Apple TV

Nasty surprise today for some Apple TV users who powered up only to discover the TV Shows icon was missing from the interface. Yes, literally missing. Gone. Stolen. Since Apple has the ability to dynamically add or remove icons from the Apple TV interface - like iTunes Festival or Apple Events - this is likely a bug in their system. Hopefully Apple is aware of the issue and looking into it, and TV Shows will reappear as suddenly as it disappeared.

Can you access TV shows, either through iTunes or your Apple TV? Let us know, and if/when you get it back, let us know that too!

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Flipboard suffers second outage in a week since Google Reader's shutdown

It's been a tough week for Flipboard, as the services second outage in the space of a few days has left many unable to access any of their content. As reported by The Next Web, issues for those affected include seeing a blank screen when loading the app up, or login issues, but Flipboard is aware of the issue and took to Twitter to announce they're working on a fix:

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Google Apps and Gmail experiencing outages. Zombie apocalypse still not nigh.

Looks like Google Apps and Gmail are having some issues today, with tons of you telling us you're experiencing problems of one type or another. For my part, I'm getting authentication errors, but then I use Gmail in Mail.app. Yeah. Google Apps Status Dashboard is showing it's not us, it's them.

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Apple says iMessage and FaceTime down for some users

iMessage and Facetime are both down for some users. According to Apple, the outage started just a little after 3 PM Eastern Time. There is not yet an ETA on when the issues will be resolved. For more information, check Apple’s system status page.

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Gmail experiencing outages, is it down for you?

Looks like Google's Gmail is having some problems this morning. While mine (a paid Google apps account) seems to working fine, a lot of you are telling us you're not getting any Gmail this morning at all, not on your iPhone, not on your iPad, and not on your Windows or Mac PC. Not good.

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Verizon data network down. Again. Again.

Once again, Verizon seems to be having data network issues. We haven't gotten that many reports from iPhone users this time, but our sibling site Android Central is certainly hearing all about not hearing it now.

You know the drill -- if you're rocking a Verizon iPhone or Verizon iPad, let us know how you're data is working. If it's not working, let us know where you are, when it stopped, and when it starts up again.

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Verizon data network in the midst of major outage

Looks like the Verizon, the network that prides itself on the reliability and coverage of it's network, is having a few problems this morning. A lot of you are telling us your 3G data is down, and our sibling site, Android Central can't seem to jump on LTE either.

How's your Verizon iPhone connection doing? If you're experiencing any problems, let us know where you are, how long you've been having trouble, and let us know when it starts working again.

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