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iPhone 3GS -- Twice the RAM... 10x the Impact?

tap tap tap points out something that perhaps should have been obvious from the start regarding the iPhone 3GS' 256MB of RAM -- that doubling the memory, once the OS loads and programs start eating away at it, often leaves more than double the free space.

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TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S vs. iPhone 3G App Launch Battle Royal!

http://www.th Two iPhones, 6 apps. We know the iPhone 3G S is supposed to be "on average" 2x faster than the iPhone 3G, but stats are stats and what we're interested in is real-world usage. A few seconds here, a dozen or more there, and all of a sudden they add up to minutes.

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iPhone 3G S Speeds and Feeds Revealed: 256MB RAM, 600Mhz CPU

T-Mobile Netherlands (via Wired) has let slip the formerly elusive specs for the iPhone 3G S:

  • 256MB of RAM
  • 600Mhz CPU

Anandtech (via Macrumors) gives further info:

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Apple Wolfing Down Flash RAM Chips in Advanced of Next Gen iPhone?

Apple is perhaps the most gluttonous consumer of flash RAM chips on the planet, what with most iPod's flash memory based and still selling in the multiple tens of millions and -- oh yeah -- the iPhone and iPod touch. 14 million iPhone 3Gs were sold last year alone and this year? According to Apple Insider, they's waddled the chair up and parked it right at the buffet:

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