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Service Outage

Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Sites experiencing disruptions; are they down for you?

Google is reporting a service disruption with a few of its apps. Drive, Docs, Sheets and Sites are all experiencing disruptions, though they don't seem to be down for everyone.

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Gmail, other Google Apps experiencing service disruptions and outages, are you affected?

It appears that Google is having trouble with some of their services, including Gmail. Gmail did experience a complete outage, though Google says that service has been restored to several users, and now it, Google Documents, and Google Presentations users are seeing service disruptions. Google expects full service to be restored within the hour.

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Are you experiencing problems with Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, iCloud backup?

Apple's iCloud services aren't having a great morning, with problems being reported for Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Backup. According to Apple's System Status:

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ITunes Store/App Store Outage?

We're getting lots of reports from lots of different places that Apple's iTunes Store and App Store are down or otherwise erroring out for users.

Hopefully Apple is working on a fix and things will be back up soon. In the meantime let us know if you're getting errors, what kind, and in what country...

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UPDATED: AT&T Service Outage in Your Area?

UPDATE: Looks like neither Skynet's first strike nor a Cylon invasion were to blame, but a power failure in Michigan. AT&T has put out a press release (via Chicago Breaking News -- Thanks Jeremy!). Here's hoping everyone gets their ubiquitous connectivity back ASAP.

Both Jeremy (Chicago) and Dieter (MN) seem to be having no-joy with their AT&T service today. (I'm on Rogers, so aside from poverty, I'm fine thanks!)

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