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Wwdc 2008

WWDC flashback 2008: iPhone 3G, MobileMe, Snow Leopard, and App Store

Traveling back to the year Apple announced iPhone 3G, MobileMe, Snow Leopard, and the App Store!

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WWDC 2008 Live Meta Blog

Looks like we're having load issues from all the traffic. We're working it, bear with us! A reminder - no need to refresh this page, the widget updates automatically.

As promised, we'll be starting up our MetaLiveBlog in just over an hour. We'll be tracking all them other live blogs and posting updates and our thoughts and commentary real time. A few seconds behind, but way ahead in pithy commentary, eh? We should have one or two quick posts up before the excitement begins, but we'll move this post back up to the top when it all gets going. Keep an eye out (like you needed us to tell you that).

We're using the fancy widget above, so no need to refresh the page to get the updates. You can also submit your own comments and thoughts with the widget above and we can publish them as things get going.

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Jobsnote Confirmed for WWDC

We all knew it was coming. How could it not? Steve Jobs' keynotes are the legendary, iWork-app defining, AOL Data Center crashing, prediction proliferating, rumor piling, blog bursting, universe denting tech events of our time. But now Apple has gone and made it all nice and official-like:

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