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I'm a fitness instructor, a health enthusiast, and a new mom. I like to work out almost every day not only for the physical benefits, but also the mental clarity. When I gave birth to my daughter, like most new moms, I had to wait six weeks until my doctor cleared me to work out. I was chomping on the bit towards the end of that time, I just couldn't wait to get my sweat on. So there I was, the first day I was cleared to work out safely, and all of my activewear felt tight and restricting, my boobs were leaking through my shirt, and it was impossible for me to nurse my daughter without getting completely naked from the waist up because I had not yet discovered the beauty of active nursing tops.

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Cue Cadenshae Maternity and Nursing Activewear, and my life as an active new mom completely changed. I have had the pleasure of donning their Maternity Harem Pants, Full Length Classic Maternity Leggings, Striped Nursing Sports Bra, Blue Activewear Hoodie, and Gray All Day Hooded Top, and let me tell you, I am hooked for life. Not only are Cadenshae's clothes incredibly well made and luxuriously comfortable to wear, they were clearly designed with mamas in mind. Everything from the zipper placement on the nursing hoodies, to the nice thick belly band on their maternity leggings was well thought out and beautifully executed in these garments. I'd highly recommend Cadenshae to pre and postpartum mamas looking for stylish, thoughtfully designed, comfortable, nursing and maternity activewear.

An active mom's dream

Cadenshae Nursing Top

Cadenshae Maternity & Nursing Activewear

Bottom Line: Cadenshae is an excellent activewear line for moms pre and postpartum. They offer a wide selection of maternity and nursing apparel and were founded by a mommy/daddy duo. Their clothes are stylish, comfortable, convenient, thoughtfully designed, and well made.


  • Stylish & versatile
  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Comfortable & well made


  • Pricey
  • Bra sizing is a little wonky

Thoughtfully designed What I love

Cadenshae ActivewearSource: iMore

I love the soft, loose, breezy luxuriousness of my Harem Pants. Seriously, I live in these things. They are extremely comfortable and don't restrict you, so you can wear them to do pretty much anything. I've dressed them up and worn them to lunch, I've sported them in Yoga class, I've slept in them, I've run errands in them, I've done pretty much any and every activity in them, and they've treated me so well. I'd call them my "security blanket" if you will, but in a pant; they just make me feel good. I've only owned them postpartum, and therefore have only experienced their fit after baby entered the world, but they're so soft, unrestricting, and designed to stretch that you could rock these babies throughout your entire pregnancy as well.

I love the soft, loose, breezy luxuriousness of my Harem Pants.

Both of my nursing hoodies are fantastic! Though I live in California, I'm a huge wimp when it comes to the cold. Even when I crank my thermostat up and cover what I can of me in blankets, I still feel cold when I'm nursing with my chest exposed. Cue nursing hoodies, aka my lifesavers! Not only are they stylish, but they keep me toasty warm as I don't have to strip down to barely anything while I'm feeding my baby. The conveniently placed nursing zippers are discreetly hidden in two side seams on the chest and provide quick and easy breastfeeding access. These hoodies are so stylish, you'd never guess that they were maternity wear.

Cadenshae ActivewearSource: iMore

I have the Breastfeeding Hoodie in blue which is a gorgeous color and super warm and comfy to wear, and I have the Breastfeeding Hoodie All Day Hooded Top in gray which is a stylish, versatile piece that matches everything. A subtle difference between the two is that the blue Breastfeeding Hoodie zippers zip down to open, and the gray All Day Hooded Top zippers zip up to open.

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I honestly like both designs, so it's tough to pick a favorite. It's definitely easier to pull the zipper down with a baby in your arms, but you have to zip them both up and down to open and close them, so this is merely a subtle difference in design. My blue Breastfeeding Hoodie has a front pouch for your hands which is a nice bonus! You can carry anything in there from keys to pacifiers.

My Classic Maternity Leggings are awesome! The material is super comfortable and nice and thick so there's no chance of these pants being see through when you bend over to pick up your little one or get into downward dog (ahem Lululemon).

Cadenshae ActivewearSource: iMore

Cadenshae maternity leggings have been medically endorsed by lactation consultants, doctors, and physiotherapists.

They feature a high waistband/compression panel that can be worn over or under your bump during pregnancy and worn up or folded down for extra belly support postpartum. This panel has provided me with the comfortable compression and support I need to take my workouts to the next level. I should also mention that Cadenshae maternity leggings and nursing sports bras have been medically endorsed by lactation consultants, as well as doctors and physiotherapists who specialize in pre and postnatal care.

Bra sizing What could be better

Cadenshae Nursing BrasSource: Cadenshae

My one complaint is that the bra sizing is a little wonky. I definitely inadvertently ordered a size that turned out to be way too big for me, even with my engorged postpartum mommy boobies. I took their online sizing quiz and it instructed me to order a size 12 which is a medium. Pre-pregnancy I was a 34A or 34B if I was carrying a few extra pounds on me. Even though my postpartum nursing mommy brain wishfully thought I could fill out a C cup, in reality, that wasn't the case.

I'd say that their nursing bras run a little large and to consider sizing down when ordering. I think that the XS or "size 8," would have actually been the correct size for me. The numbering on the nursing bras also threw me for a loop. For example, a small is a size 10, a medium is a size 12, a large is a size 14. Perhaps I'm just inexperienced in the world of nursing bra sizing, but never have I heard those numbers correlate to those sizes.

Bottom line

Cadenshae ActivewearSource: iMore

Cadenshae clothes can be pricey; but in my opinion, they're a worthwhile, lasting investment that will keep you active and healthy in stylish comfort through this kid and the next. It's obvious that these clothes were designed to last. I've been wearing mine for months and they're durable, machine washable, tumble dryable, and have held their compression and shape (where applicable) extremely well. I'd highly recommend these to mamas pre and postpartum.

5 out of 5

Cadenshae is an excellent maternity and nursing activewear line that I'd highly recommend to pre and postpartum moms or any woman looking for quality activewear. Cadenshae clothes are extremely well made, durable, luxuriously comfortable, versatile, thoughtfully designed, and brilliantly executed. I feel stylish, confident, and supported going about my day to day in my Cadenshae, and I want every mom and woman out there to feel the same. Treat yourself like the Goddess you are, treat yourself to some Cadenshae.

Your pre/postpartum dream line

Cadenshae Activewear

Cadenshae Maternity & Nursing Activewear

Sylish & thoughtfully designed

Stylish, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed activewear for women pre and postpartum.

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