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Native App Review: ApolloIM v0.1.2

ApolloIM was the first native app to provide AOL Instant Messaging. Although it's a little rough around the edges, it's a solid first attempt at an IM client. It's currently in version 0.1.2 and developing quickly. Read on to see what works, what doesn't, and what we might expect from future versions.

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How-To: Using

Here is our guide for using AppTapp Yesterday, we covered how to install it (Mac / Windows); today, we'll cover how to use it.

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Review: Belkin Sport Armband

figure 1: the Belkin Sport Armband. Note the absence of the holes by the key slot

I quit smoking over a year ago. I didn't like how expensive it all was (a pack a day gets expensive quick), so I started rolling my own cigarettes; which is probably way worse for you. I liked smoking, but I knew I had to quit. I was going to be moving in to a house, meaning my tiny little monthly rent was going to jump up to a ginormous monthly mortgage. So I quit. Boy, did that suck. I mean, it sucked at first. Eventually I was done with smoking and that's great, nothing bad about that. Except for the 30 pounds I packed on. The charts don't say I'm overweight, but I started running anyway. It's either that or buy a whole bunch of pants.

I can do a mile without killing myself, so that's great. It takes a while; long enough that I sometimes wish for music or podcasts as I jog. But, I'm not really excited about dumping an iPhone to flop around in my running shorts. Ergo, the need for the Belkin Sport Armband case (store link, $24.95).

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David Adams Chronicles His Month With iPhone

David Adams from wrote a lengthy and very interesting seven page review of the iPhone and shares his experiences with the device after one month of use. He seems to have grown quite fond of it (haven't we all?) and sees Apple capturing a sizable chunk of the cellular market.

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Bookmarklet / Favelet Smorgasbord

So, yeah. Favelets and bookmarklets. In the podcast, I promised a review article about useful bookmarklets and favelets, for the iPhone. And here it is.

I've written a few simple bookmarklets as well; it seems a lot of the bookmarklets are designed for web editors, and not always so much for the average web user. I'm guessing that not many regular folks need to edit CSS from the iPhone, and those that do already have those bookmarklets synched over. But still, there's a void for popular sites. It seemed that all I found were eBay, Amazon, and Google sites. So I set out to make a few of my own, and edit a few others so that they'd work on iPhone Safari (henceforth, iSafari).

If you have any requests for a custom bookmarklet, put them in the comments. It has to be said that I make no guarantees that I can make the resulting request as I'm not an expert with javascript by any means, but the worst that can happen is that I say no. Okay, that's not the worst that can happen. The worst is that I say no VERY IMPOLITELY.

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Can the iPhone Double As a Laptop? MSNBC Thinks So technology writer, Joe Hutsko, purchased an iPhone to replace his Treo 680 (a common trend it seems) and decided to put the much hyped gadget to the test, to see whether iPhone is road worthy as a laptop replacement.

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iGot an iPhone, Initial Impressions and Reflections, Part 2

Does the iPhone live up to the hyperbole? Is the device really as cool as it looks? Even more important – is it a practical device to use or just an expensive, but impressive, luxury gadget? I can’t fully answer the philosophical aspects until I’ve used the iPhone for a longer period of time. Two weeks is my usual period for test modeling a product before passing final judgment. But in this case I will share my initial impressions and experiences. Some good, some not so good.

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Vallywag Posts iPhone Reviewer Scorecard, Uses Lots of Red Ink

Valleywag has compiled details culled from fab four of reviews, and given each point a numerical value. Is it just me or do the folks at Valleywag have too much free time on their hands?


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USA Today's Ed Baig Posts iPhone Video Review, with Box Shots

Ed Baig posts his video review with Jefferson Graham of TalkingTech. He also conveniently shows us the one thing we hadn't seen yet regarding iPhone - the BOX!

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