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The GlocalMe G4 Pro is an iPhone 11 Pro-sized, SIM-free global hotspot that gives you a cellular Wi-Fi hotspot that supports up to five simultaneous devices, which you can use from your home office or anywhere in the world. The device offers significant benefits, chief of which is internet access without having to subscribe to a specific cellular service.

The device itself runs on a version of the Android OS, but you can't use it as a standalone cell phone or web browser. It has 5GBs of storage space, although, as far as I could tell, there is no way to access the storage. It does come with Google Maps installed and a link to Trip Advisor, which you can use to find restaurants, local hotspots, and lodging.

Like a cell phone, you power on your G4 Pro by pressing a power control button on the right-hand side of the hotspot. There are two volume buttons on the left-hand side, for turn-by-turn directions when using Google Maps.

Glocalme G4 Pro

GlocalMe G4 Pro

Bottom line: Travel the world with your own, personal wi-fi hotspot hub.

The Good

  • Single hotspot provides worldwide access to cellular data networks
  • iPhone-sized
  • Fast and reliable
  • Supports up to five devices simultaneously

The Bad

  • Limited configuration options
  • Limited by the quality of your cellular access

Set Up and Go

Glocal Pro G4Source: Jeffery Battersby / iMore

When you buy a new G4 Pro it comes with 1 GB of global data and 8 GB of North American data. In the box, you'll find the Wi-Fi hotspot, a USB charging cable, and a USB-C to USB adapter. There is no charging plug in the box, but odds are you've already got more than your fair share of those laying around.

In order to begin using the device, you'll need to download the GlocalMe app from the Apple or Android App Stores. You use this app to create a Glocal account and link your new G4 to your cell phone and your GlocalMe account. Linking your device is supposed to be as simple as scanning a QR code on the device. Mine never displayed a QR code, so I had to manually enter the IMEI for my device in order to link it to my account.

Once linked, your initial data plan is made available and you can begin using the device. As with any Wi-Fi hotspot, using it is as simple as connecting your Mac, PC, or other devices to the hotspot's Wi-Fi network, and then you're on your way.

You should note, though, that at this time it's not possible to change any of the device settings. You are stuck with the default Wi-Fi name and password that ships with the device.

Home or On The Go

Glocal Pro G4Glocal Pro G4Glocal Pro G4Source: iMore

Most of us have hotspots on our phones, which in most cases, is all you need for the occasional Internet sprint when you're traveling around. But these days, when many of us are working from home, you may need something dedicated for internet access, especially when getting out of the house and to the far reaches of your yard or a park is the best way to clear your heart and mind. While it's designed for giving you Internet access no matter where you travel in the world, you don't need to leave the county to benefit from the Glocal Pro G4. Anywhere you go, from Bangkok to your backyard, you can use this hotspot to get you connected. Plan prices, which start at $5 and vary in price from country to country, are purchased using the app on your phone. You can purchases packages specific to countries or regions of the world, or you can purchase a global package that can be used anywhere you land.

Need for Speed

I have notoriously unreliable cellular connectivity at my house, and that was no exception with the Glocal G4 Pro. And, while the hotspot on my iPhone was able to provide me with about 5Mbps of download speed at the house, the Glocal was only able to give me about 2.5 Mbps. Traveling away from my personal black hole of internet connectivity gave me speeds you'd normally expect on a cellular network, well capable of streaming audio and video no matter where I was.

Botton Line

4 out of 5

The Glocal Pro G4 is a solid cellular Wi-Fi hotspot that provides simple access to the Internet no matter where you are in the world. Whether you're at home or abroad, the Glocal Pro G4 will give you access to the data you need wherever you need it.

Glocalme G4 Pro

GlocalMe G4 Pro

Bottom line: You can have a mobile hotspot in your pocket anywhere in the world without having to rely on your phone.

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