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My first thought upon discovering the Lovebox was, "Isn't that what smartphones are for?" But then I realized that many people, like my kids and my grandparents, don't use smartphones. When I received the Lovebox and tested it out, I discovered that there's a simple and undeniable joy to opening a real, tangible box to discover a surprise hidden inside.

The concept is simple: a small box crafted from real bamboo wood that houses a digital screen inside. Using the LoveBox app on a smartphone, you can send messages and photos (or a combination of the two) to the box. The magnetic heart on the front of the box will then start spinning and continue spinning until someone opens the box to reveal your message hiding inside. It's a really fun way to communicate special things with someone you don't see very often, or in my case, to send love notes, messages, reminders, and photos to my kids.

Lovebox Product


Bottom line: Instantly brighten someone's day from near or far with a quick message from the Lovebox, the new way to send love letters.

The Good

  • Cute, well-made design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The only product of its kind
  • Makes people happy!

The Bad

  • There's no way to send return messages
  • I'd like to see a voice message feature

Lovebox: Price and availability

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The Lovebox is a relatively new release and a unique product, so it's not available at a lot of retailers. Right now, you can buy it at the Lovebox website or Amazon. The price of $120 may sound a little steep, but once you hold the box in your hands and see how well-made it is, the price makes sense. If it goes on sale, we'll be sure to include it in our Deals section.

Lovebox: Cuteness overload

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Everything about Lovebox is cuteness overload. My kids noticed the packaging the second it arrived because of the die-cut red heart on the outside. They were dying to know what it was. Once I set it up (which took about three minutes) and sent the first message, there was a paroxysm of delight when the heart symbol started spinning on the outside of the box. I let them open it and discover the hidden message inside. They loved everything about it, especially the "waterfall of hearts" feature that enabled them to spin the heart and send me a "waterfall of hearts" animation on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Besides keeping in touch with kids, I can see how this Lovebox would also be perfect for long-distance relationships or keeping in touch with the grandparents.

Since my kids are not yet old enough to have cell phones, this is a really fun way to communicate with them, send them photos, and even reminders when I'm not at home. I send them photos of cute puppies I see or just quick love notes. I also use it to send words of encouragement and praise when I think they need it. Each little message doesn't fail to delight them, and there's new excitement every time the heart starts spinning. It's a fun and creative way to connect with my kids that I would never have thought of myself. I look forward to using it to keep in touch next month when I have to leave for a week-long trip out of town.

Besides keeping in touch with kids (especially kids with mean parents—like me—that refuse to give them cellphones), I can see how this Lovebox would also be perfect for long-distance relationships or keeping in touch with faraway loved ones like grandparents. My grandparents, for example, don't really know how to use smartphones, so this would be a wonderful way to connect with them. I think a Lovebox might be this year's Christmas present for them! One last thing I like about the Lovebox app is that you can set it up to send you reminders if you go a long period of time without sending any love. Because, why have a Lovebox if you're not going to send love often?

Lovebox: My suggestions

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The Lovebox works exactly as advertised, so I have no complaints about its functionality or design. It is an adorable product and a wonderful idea. If I were a product designer, however, there are a few things I would add to this product, if possible:

  1. I'd like some sort of reply functionality. Admittedly, this might be hard to accomplish with such a simple product, but I wish my kids could send some sort of message back to me. Yes, they can send a "waterfall of hearts," but I wish they could send me a larger array of emojis or even short messages. Perhaps this is not the intention of the Lovebox, but it would be a fun feature for my family to enjoy.
  2. Sounds. Another fun feature that I'd love to see would be sounds, music, or voice messages. It's not exactly necessary, but I think it would add another interesting dimension to my messages.
  3. A battery. I can see that the heart has to remain spinning for long periods of time when no one is around, but I wonder if there could be a way to design this box with a battery instead of a power cord. The cord limits the locations in which I can place the Lovebox.

Perhaps this type of functionality is not possible or even necessary to the current design of the Lovebox, but if I were all-powerful, these are the things I would add. Perhaps the Lovebox team will come up with different and more feature-laden designs in the future.

Lovebox: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if ...

  • You want to create new and interesting connections with people you love.
  • You want to maintain relationships with people who live far away.
  • You want to brighten someone's day on a regular basis.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You feel that smartphones create all the digital connections you need.

4 out of 5

Whether you're trying to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship or looking for new ways to connect with close friends and family, the Lovebox is a cute way to make your loved ones feel special on a daily basis. The box is beautifully made with a simple design and functionality that is ridiculously easy to use. Send messages, photos, drawings, or any combination of these to the box as a surprise for that special someone. They will see the spinning heart and open the box to find your message waiting inside. This is especially useful to keep in touch with someone who doesn't have or use a smartphone.

Lovebox Product


Bottom line: The Lovebox adds a new dimension to your most special and/or long-distance relationships. Send love instantly from anywhere, even to those who don't use a smartphone.

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