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Anki Drive

Anki's next-gen robot racing game features jumping cars and modular tracks

Anki Drive has long been one of our favorite connected toys, and the next generation — Anki Overdrive — is looking to literally make a huge jump. The highlight of the new Anki Overdrive, due out in September 2015, is a modular track that replaces the roll-out mat of the first edition. The individual segments of the track are held together by magnets embedded in the edges, and can even be assembled to build bridges that cross the track or have gaps that cars must jump.

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Race into the future with Anki Drive

It's something you may have seen during your travels on the internet or a trip to the Apple Store. Anki Drive is one of the coolest connected toys on the market today. It takes the classic action of slot cars and brings it into the future with power-ups, weapons, battle mode and more.

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Hands on with Anki Drive for iPhone and iPad

Combining iPhone and iPad control with artificial intelligence, Anki Drive feels like a toy from the future. First demonstrated at WWDC 2013 last June, Anki Drive has been available for a little while and making its way into folks homes for fun times. One of those who has picked one up is our pal Adam Zeis over at Connectedly who's now done up an Anki Drive hands-on:

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Anki Drive getting new cars and tracks, plus a new Race Mode

The folks at Anki Drive have released two new cars, two new tracks, and a new mode for their real-world iOS racing game today. Corax is one of the new cars, which is able to mount multiple weapons, while Hadion has a turbo boost function available right away. As for tracks, Crossroads adds the first intersection to the mix, while Bottleneck has a particularly narrow section which should be a welcome challenge. Finally, the race mode will award the player that manages to get 15, 30, or 45 laps. Combined with the default battle mode, this should keep things interesting.

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Anki Drive app updated, adds new upgrades, smarter AI

The app for Anki Drive has been updated to version 2.1, with a number of enhancements, including smarter AI, more upgrades, and vehicle updates. The update brings expanded upgrade options in the form of new Combat, Chassis, Engine, and Energy systems. You can buy and sell upgrades, as well as level up. New weapons and support items include an EMP, horn, and kinetic break. The Armory has also been moved to the Garage in the app.

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Start your engines! Anki Drive gets official, on sale October 23

First demonstrated way back at WWDC 2013, the Anki Drive iPhone integrated car racing set will finally go on sale on October 23 for $199. Anki Drive uses artificial intelligence combined with the instructions coming from an iOS app connected to each car to control the on track action, and as Anki stated back in June, it's a "video game for the real world."

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