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How to control your Apple TV with the Remote app for iPhone or iPad

You don't have to use the Siri Remote with your fourth-generation Apple TV. If you can't find it, or want a better way to type, use the Remote app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch instead. We show you how.

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Apple teases new Apple TV remote app coming in first half of 2016

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Eddy Cue revealed that the new Apple TV remote app would be available in the first half of 2016. The company is working to bring the full functionality of the Siri Remote to the iPhone.

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Apple Remote for iOS updated with iTunes Radio support

Apple on Thursday released an updated version of Remote, the app that turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a remote control for the iTunes library on your Mac or PC. The new 4.1 release adds the ability to control iTunes Radio on the Mac or PC.

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Apple updates Remote app with all new design for iOS 7

Apple has finally updated its iOS remote app with an all new design for iOS 7. As you might expect from an Apple release, this is a complete overhaul, and while much of it is glitz and glamor, the important part – the functionality – remains untouched, and everything is basically where it was before. But it looks awesome.

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Apple releases Remote 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

Apple has finally updated their Remote app to version 2.0, and included support for iPad 4 and iPod touch 4 Retina Display, and for the iPad. It will also support shared libraries for iTunes and, of course, the new Apple TV (2010) that's just started to hit the streets. AirPlay is also supported, currently for what was previously AirTunes, and no doubt for full on iOS 4.2 video goodness when that's released as well.

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Why Apple's Remote App hasn't been updated for iPad, iPhone 4, or iOS 4

Steve Jobs say Apple is the largest start-up in the world, and Posterous CEO Sachin Agarwal not only experienced it, but says that's why things like Apple's own Remote App for iPhone haven't been updated for iPad, iPhone 4, or iOS 4:

Yes, the Remote app is due for an update. But here's why it hasn't been updated: the person who wrote it is busy working on other things. Yes, the person, not the team. (He's a good friend of mine)

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iTunes DJ and Apple Remote iPhone App

Apple's iTunes News has a handy reminder up about the iTunes DJ feature and how it works with Apple's Remote app for iPhone and iPod touch (and we're guessing/hoping a new, iPad-optimized version soon as well).

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Apple Remote Updated to Support iTunes 9.0.2 and Apple TV 3.0

To go along with the shiny new iTunes 9.0.2 and Apple TV 3.0 software released today, Apple has also bumped their Remote app [Free - iTunes link] to version 1.3.2, which:

"provides bug fixes and compatibility with iTunes 9 and Apple TV 3"

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