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HandBrake hack affects Mac app developer Panic

Handbrake was hacked and infected with malware, which was then downloaded by Panic, and now, unofficial Panic apps might be compromised.

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HandBrake moves to interim bug fixing release schedule, starts with version 0.10.1

The HandBrake team are continuing to move away from their yearly release cycle, and have now set out to publish interim fix releases.

The first of these new releases is version 0.10.1, which has just been released. These updates will focus more on fixing any bugs uncovered in the app, as opposed to adding new features already being worked on for version 1.0 of the open source video transcoder.

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Handbrake adds new encoders, filters, and scalers in jump to version 0.10

The Handbrake video encoding software has received an update, jumping to version 0.10. With the new software version, the makers of Handbrake are bringing a few notable new features as well as some under the hood improvements, such as new encoders, filters, and scalers along with bug fixes:

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How to rip DVDs on OS X and get movies onto your Mac media server

Getting video from a DVD to your Mac isn't quite as easy as iTunes makes it for audio CDs, but we'll show you how

Part of setting up a Mac as your media server involves making it easy to access your media. For most of us, media includes movies and TV shows. And many of us have collected our favorites on DVDs over the years. Let's look at how to get video from the DVD to your Mac in a way that will make it much more convenient for you to access next time.

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Handbrake updated, adds support for iPhone 4, iPad, and AppleTV 2nd Gen

Handbrake 0.9.5 adds support for the iPhone 4, iPad, and 2nd generation AppleTV (2010). It's also added support for BluRay as well (note this is only structure support, not decryption). This is great news for a lot of us that want to re-encode our media for use on new AppleTVs and iPhone 4s. Handbrake just got a rather large update that includes several new features that should make Handbrake fans jump for joy. For those of you not familiar, Handbrake is a freeware application that allows you to transcode video. I use Handbrake religiously in order to put my hard copy DVDs in my iTunes library for playback on my iOS devices. This release version is numbered at 0.9.5. They're also only offering support for Intel-based Macs going forward.

Click through for a full list of feature changes from Handbrake's release notes.

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Handbrake Video Encoder Hits 0.9.4

A year to the day after the previous version was released, Handbrake has hit 0.9.4, and boy is it faaaaaaaaast:

There's an old proverb in the video encoding world: "Speed, size, quality: pick two." It means that you always have to make a trade-off between the time it takes to encode a video, the amount of compression used, and the picture quality. Well, this release of HandBrake refuses to compromise. It picks all three.

If you have video you want to get onto your iPhone, Handbrake is the way to go -- and it's free. New, streamlined presets still include Apple Universal, iPod, iPhone & iPod touch, and Apple TV (as well as others if you're rocking the Xbox, PS3, Zune, or whatever floats your video boat).

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TiPb Picks of the Week: Pandemonium, Handbrake, Taxi Magic, NBA Game Time, Geek Jokes, 3D Gallery, QuickOffice Files

Every week a few of us from team TiPb, bloggers and forum crew alike, will bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they're iPhone (or iPod touch) related, they're fair game.

So who's on deck this week and what are our picks? Find out after the break!

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Tip o' the Week: iPhone Cinema

You are traveling and have a long flight ahead of you. You aren't feeling very social and the last thing you want is to get into a conversation with the person next to you who just happens to have a great multi-level marketing opportunity for you. 

It's late at night and you can't sleep. Your significant other has already called it a night and you're bored out of your mind.

In both scenarios above, you desperately want to catch up on your DVD backlog, but who has the time? Well, read on for this week's Tip on how to turn your iPhone into your very own silver screen!

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