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Skitch 3.0 goes iOS 7-only

Skitch - the image annotation and markup app from the makers of Evernote - has been updated to version 3.0, going iOS 7-only and bringing a number of changes and refinements, with a redesigned interface being the most prominent. The goal with the new user experience is to start marking up photos as quickly as possible.

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Radar lets you find your Facebook friends nearby

Radar for Facebook is a new iPhone app that helps you find your Facebook friends near you. The app features a radar view and a map view that will tell you which of your friends are close by, making it easy to meet up in real life. If you're concerned about giving out your exact location but still want to use Radar, you can give a general one in order to continue to connect to other Radar users.

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Velocity wants to help you improve your reading speed

Velocity is an app that wants to teach you to read faster. It's fairly simple to use. Velocity gathers material from the web, along with Instapaper and Pocket, and feeds you text one word at a time by default.

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YouTube for iOS updated with support for video suggestion overlays

YouTube for iOS has been updated with support for overlays with suggestions for what to watch next. These banners come up from the bottom of the video that you are currently watching, suggesting a video for you to watch after your current video is done.

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AppShopper Social uses your friends to find apps for you

App discovery service AppShopper has reappeared on the App Store after being removed last year, and their new app, AppShopper Social, relies heavily on social features to help users find apps. After creating your AppShopper account, you can populate the Friends list either by manually adding friends or adding your Twitter account.

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Mailbox ditches reservation system, opens to everyone with a Gmail account

Popular email app Mailbox has annonced that they have gotten rid of their reservation system. In a post on the company blog, the team says that they are now delivering over 100 million messages per day:

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YouTube for iPhone and iPad updated with support for live events

YouTube for iOS has been updated with a new features and enhancements, including support for live events. Events like Coachella have often been streamed live on YouTube in the past, but users could not view them on iOS devices. iOS users can now view live events through the app, and YouTube has added a feed called “Live” to the “From YouTube” section of the guide which lists the live events that are currently available.

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Elixr is a social network that helps you find a drink

Elixr is a new app and social network for the iPhone that helps you find a good place for a drink. Elixr lets you share your potent potable discoveries with your wider social sphere through pictures and ratings.

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Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen for iPhone and iPad review

Healthy Desserts by Green Kitchen is an iPhone and iPad app that features 48 desserts that use only natural sweeteners, healthy fats, and whole grains and fruits. The app is gorgeously designed and features mouthwatering photography that will make you dying to get in the kitchen to whip one of these up.

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CaptureAudio for iPhone review

CaptureAudio by the makers of CaptureNotes is a beautiful new voice memos app for iPhone that lets you organize your recordings into binders and notebooks. You can also flag important moments during a recording that you can quickly jump to during playback.

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