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AT&T brings VoterHub to iPhone

VoterHub is a new iPhone app which brings a plethora of voting information into the hands of iPhone wielding U.S. citizens. With VoterHub you can

  • register to vote
  • find out what the deadlines are for registering
  • find out voter qualifications
  • find out when early voting begins
  • find out when vote-by-mail/absentee voting begins
  • find your local polling place
  • view your state's election calendar
  • find out who is on the ballot

Maybe in 20 years we'll be able to vote with our iPhones? Ok, probably not, but a girl can dream.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

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Samurai II: Vengeance for iPhone, iPad hits App Store

Samurai II: Vengeance for iPhone and iPad is the sequel to award winning Samurai: Way of the Warrior. Unlike the first game, Samurai II offers you virtual on-screen controls. These can be moved around the screen to customise the gameplay to your comfort.

With gorgeous retina display graphics, Samurai II offers a beautiful, anime-style hack and slash game that fits in your pocket. You can either follow the Story Mode or fight as many enemies as possible in Dojo Mode.

The game is available as a universal application and will work natively on the iPad and iPhone, and has full Game Centre support with unlockable achievements and leaderboards.

Video after the break! If you try it out, let us know what you think.

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

by George Lim

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Super Twario for iPhone turns your twitter account into a retro inspired game. In it, you navigate your character, Twario, by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch, swipe to move faster, and tap to jump. During the course of your game you will run into tweets where you can choose to read them or even reply to them.

But wait...there's more! Not only can you now interact with your tweets via Twario, but this app even has Game Center integration so you can keep track of achievements and see how your Twitter skills rank among your friends and in the world! You get all this and many hours of fun and excitement for $1.99.

Check out the video after the break!

[iTunes Link via Engadget]

by Brian Tufo

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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus for iPhone - app review

Are you ready for the ultimate in iPhone first-person shooter games? If so, then sit back and enjoy Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Gameloft has really, really, really shown it is in this to win and take advantage of the hardware on iPhone. This game is gorgeous, especially on the retina display. Ah, but let's not dwell on the graphics for now, let's jump into the game itself.

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TomTom iPhone app updated

TomTom has released its latest version of the TomTom App for iPhone. Users can now use their photo gallery as an address book by enabling them to select and navigate to any geo-tagged photo. Also, iPhone 4 users will experience enhanced graphics with support for retina display and faster, more-responsive navigation.

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TiPb Picks of the Week

Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

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Friday Fun Video: iPhone band performs on NY Subway

New York band Atomic Tom had their instruments stolen, so they rocked out with their back-up instruments - their iPhones! Each member of the band used an app on their iPhone to play a different part (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals). They gave a great performance on the New York subway; passengers can be seen bobbing their heads and getting into the music. This is the kind of thing I would love to see in person!

Video after the break!


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PCalc 2.3 now available for iPhone, iPad [Give away]

PCalc, one of our favorite iPhone and iPad calculator apps (see Leanna's PCalc review), has just hit version 2.3, and in celebration the developer has very kindly offered us a bunch of promo codes to give away. To you. But first things first:

This free update has many improvements, but the key one is taking advantage of the additional screen space on the iPad. You can now permanently show the paper tape, RPN stack, and memories onscreen in a new sidebar area. This was the number one requested feature from iPad users, and we're happy to be able to add it now.

The tape, stack, and memories have had a complete overhaul for the iPhone and iPod touch too, and are now easier to read across all devices, appropriately themed, and with enhanced email support.

PCalc is distributed as a universal app - one purchase will work on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. No need to buy a separate "HD" version. It requires an iPhone or an iPod touch running OS 3.0 or later, or an iPad running OS 3.2 or later.

Give away after the break!

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It takes two to Tango - 3G video chat for iPhone 4

Tango video calls, as the name suggests, is an app that allows for users to enjoy the benefits of the front facing camera on the iPhone 4 to make a video call over their cellular 3G network. Tango Features:

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Yahoo! Messenger app with 3G video chat now live in App Store

On Sunday we told you that Yahoo! sent in their update to Apple for the Messenger app to allow for 3G video calling -- well today the update is live in the iTunes App Store.

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