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iBooks 1.1.1 hits App Store

Apple has just set iBooks 1.1.1 loose in the App Store. A point release, it does sneak in some nice functionality none-the-less:

  • Double-tap an image within a book to view it in greater detail.
  • Experience books that include audio and video.
  • Enjoy substantial performance improvements when reading PDFs.
  • Look-up definitions to English words inside books without a specified language.
  • Addresses an issue that may have caused some book downloads to not complete.
  • Includes many stability and performance improvements.

If you're trying it out, let us know how it works for you.

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Camera+ for iPhone - app review

Camera+ for iPhone is a photography application that allows you to take photos and edit them. tap tap tap claims Camera+ is "all about one thing - GREAT PHOTOS!" How does Camera+ hold up to this expectation? Follow along to find out.

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Sex shock! Nudity disbelief! iChatr Chat-Roulette-style app for iPhone 4 pulled from App Store

Apple has yanked iChatr -- the chat-roulette-style app for iPhone 4 -- from the iTunes App Store.

If you're familiar with what goes on in these kinds of apps, the (predominantly male) nudity and sexual activity, then this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. If you're not familiar, you probably downloaded it, became familiar quickly, and near instantly complained to Apple prompting the removal.

According to the developers, SKJM:

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Osfoora for iPhone - App Review

Osfoora is a Twitter client that’s been gaining a lot of traction on the iPhone platform.  Me, being me, decided to finally give it a go.  As we already know, I’m extremely shallow and finicky when it comes to picking an everyday Twitter client.  But as we all know, there’s tons to choose from and what may suit one person, doesn’t suit another.  For me, I’ll use whatever serves as the best all around client for me until something better pops up.  In my opinion, Osfoora is the best all around client right now.

Hit the jump for tons of screens and an overview!

[iTunes Link]

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Fruit Ninja for iPhone- app review

My latest favorite iPhone game is Fruit Ninja. The premise of Fruit Ninja is simple; slice fruit, don't miss any and don't slice a bomb by mistake. Sound easy? Think again grasshopper! After beginning a game, fruit flies up from the bottom of the screen. You use your finger (or fingers) to slice the fruit. If a fruit falls back off the screen without being sliced, you receive an X. Three X's and it's game over. To make things interesting, bombs are thrown into the mix as well. So, not only are you trying to slice a lot of fruit coming at you and not missing any, you have bombs that shoot up as well. The challenge is, if you slice the bomb, it's instant game-over.

When it comes to difficulty with this game, it is a nice and smooth curve. The issue is that once you get good at it, it would be nice to start at a higher difficulty. However, Fruit Ninja always starts you back at the beginning. Your efforts are not at a loss though, the game has plenty of achievements via Open Feint and unlockables. Different colored swords and backgrounds can be unlocked if you have the dedication and skill of a true ninja.

Fruit Ninja also has two different play modes. First is Classic. This is the primary play mode I have described above. Score points by slicing fruit while avoiding the bombs. Zen mode is fun and fast. There are no bombs, but you have a time limit to slice as many fruits as you can. This is not hard, what is hard to is to slice with combos to rack up more points. Check out the Open Feint leaderboards and you will see what I am talking about.

I can't say enough about this game. It has great art direction, animation and fun. When you lose, it even gives you facts about fruit. This is a near-perfect game, I love it!

[$0.99- iTunes Link]

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NAVIGON MobileNavigator goes iOS 4

NAVIGON dropped us a note to let us know that new, feature-filled, iOS 4-friendly version of MobileNavigator they previewed for us back at WWDC 2010 has hit the App Store and is available now. It includes:

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Chirpy for iPhone -

Chirpy for iPhone is a Twitter application that focuses strictly on direct messages. High Order Bit, the creators of Twitbit, have designed this app with the intention of it being a replacement to the Messages app. They have focused on bringing nearly instantaneous push notifications and a stripped down, yet beautiful, interface to make direct messages quick and easy.

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Tweetings for iPhone - App Review and Giveaway!

Tweetings for iPhone is a full featured Twitter client complete with push notifications.  Last week we looked at the iPad version of Tweetings, so this week we'll look at the iPhone version.  In many ways, it's very similar.  The layout is extremely similar and it also offers things such as push notifications.  The iPhone version also adds themes into the mix as well.

It's definitely a worthy contender against the big guys like Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie) and Twitteriffic.  Read on for screens, a feature run down, and how you can win a copy of Tweetings for iPhone from TiPb!

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IncrediBooth for iPhone 4 - app review

Remember the little photo booths at amusement parks you would cram into with a bunch of friends to get a strip photos printed? IncrediBooth is an app designed to mimic that experience. It uses the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4, so this app is only available for the iPhone 4.

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Quick app and give-away: GPS Tracks for iPhone

GPS Tracks is exactly what its name implies, a real-time location tracking application. It takes advantage of iOS 4 multitasking so that you can use other apps while tracking. In addition to tracking your location, it also keeps track of your time and distance and displays everything nicely in a built-in Google map.

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