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iBooks on iPhone 4- app review

With the iPhone 4 now available, many people want to use that gorgeous retina display to begin reading books on the go via iBooks. We have looked at iBooks on the iPhone 3GS and on the iPad. How does iBooks compare on the iPhone 4?

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Amazon announces Kindle Editions with Audio/Video... for iPhone and iPad

Amazon has announced Kindle Editions with Audio/Video and it looks like the only way you can get it right now is on iPhone and iPad. Kindle Editions with Audio/Video:

allows readers to enjoy the benefits of embedded video and audio clips in Kindle books. The first books to take advantage of this new technology, including Rick Steves' London by Rick Steves and Together We Cannot Fail by Terry Golway, are available in the Kindle Store

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iMovie for iPhone 4 - app review

iMovie for iPhone 4 is a video editing application designed by Apple. iMovie is also the name of the video editing software included in iLife, which is bundled with every Mac. iMovie is only available for iPhone 4. (Don't be sad, it needs the extra RAM and Apple A4 processing power).

As with most Apple products, iMovie is very easy to use and is fairly intuitive. If a tap doesn't do what you want, a double tap will. iMovie can be used in either portrait or landscape, but landscape seems more natural for me.

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Farmville for iPhone now in App Store

Zynga's Farmville has just sprouted its way onto the iPhone and is just waiting for you to harvest it via the iTunes App Store.

You can access your existing Facebook farm or start a new agrarian life from scratch. There's also exclusive iPhone/iPod touch content -- we've already seen snow leopards in honor of Apple's current Mac OS X -- and all of the same seeds, fruits, vegetables, and animals casual gamers have grown to love.

If you try it out, let us know how you like it.


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iMovie for iPhone 4 now in iTunes App Store

iMovie, Apple's first exclusive iPhone 4 app, is no available for purchase from the iTunes App Store for $4.99. (At least the US App Store, we can't find it in all of them yet -- let us know if it's in yours).

The demos have all looked beyond slick, finger-painting with clips and transitions, themes and titles. Will it hold up to actual field use, beyond magic moments, cute kids, and pet tricks? Try it out and let us know what you think (especially the video editors out there -- we want your expert opinions).

Full Apple description after the break.

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iOS4 updated: Twitter, Real Racing, Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, Trapster, TomTom, Slacker Personal Radio

We’ve been keeping our eye out as more iOS4 app updates keep hitting the App Store filled with multitasking, state saving, Retina Display-ing goodness. So pull out your iPhone or get on iTunes and check for updates. Here are some more we’ve seen roll out since our last post.

Hit the jump to see what new ones we've found!

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Sigma for iPhone - app review

Sigma is a puzzle matching game for the iPhone. It is well made and fun to play.

The goal of Sigma is to match three blocks of the same color to blow them up and get points. This game is played in landscape, and on each side of the screen there is a roll of colored blocks. If you tap on the left of the screen, then the center block on that roll will shoot to the right side (and vice versa). Once you make a match, you have a few seconds to add more blocks. The more blocks in your match, the higher your score.

Matching five, six, seven or eight blocks produces special blocks. With five, you are given a block that when used in a match, blows up every block in that row. A match of six gives a block that blows up every block in that row and column. The special block when matching seven is a color bomb, which blows of every block of the color it is matched with. Lastly, a match of eight blocks creates a nuke bomb that blows up every block on the screen.

Sigma has three game modes: Sector, Time Attack, and Multiplayer. In sector mode, the goal is to clear blocks as fast as you can to fill up the progress bar before time runs out. In Time Attack Mode, the goal is to get the highest score possible within the time limit of one, five, or ten minutes. You can play against a friend via wifi or bluetooth in Multiplayer Mode. The fun twist is that if you fill the progress bar, an obstacle block will appear on your opponents screen.

If you like matching games, I guarantee you'll enjoy Sigma. It is designed well, fun to play, and a challenge to score high. If you decided to pick this on up, let us know what you think!

Video and screenshots after the break!

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Massive EA iPhone games sale - $0.99 for 48 hours

Don't want to pay a lot for those EA (Electronic Arts) iPhone and iPad games? Well, you're in luck - a ton of them are on sale today for just $0.99. Not every game, mind you, but a lot. Here's the list:

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Apple releases iBooks 1.1 for iPhone and iPad

Apple has released iBooks 1.1 for iPhone (iOS 4 required) and iPad. Shown off during WWDC 2010, it adds some oft-demanded features such as notes, bookmarks, and the syncing of both of those and highlights -- including between devices.

We'll be back with a review later, but here's the boilerplate for now:

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iOS 4 updated: Evernote, LinkedIn, Windows Messenger, Pandora, Loopt, WordPress

We let you know a couple days ago there were a few apps that had already been updated via the App Store to support iOS4. Since then we’ve seen a few more roll out.  Some developers have really taken advantage of the new APIs in iOS4.  Others seem to just be adding compatibility at this point.  Let’s hope a lot of them are working on substantial updates.  Hit the jump for some more iOS4 compatible apps!

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