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Twitter for iPhone is here, what do you think?

Twitter for iPhone (aka Tweetie 3.0) is finally here and... it's pretty much the same as before with a few interesting tweaks up front and behind the scenes. Here's the full change list:

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Twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 3.0) is coming... now-ish

Twitter for iPhone, aka Tweetie 3.0, is showing as an available update now in iTunes, though the link currently leads to an "application unavailable" popup. We take this to mean that, yes, Tweetie 2.0 was pulled from the iTunes App Store last night because the newly rebranded version is on its way... now-ish.

How long it takes for now-ish to become now depends on entirely on the wanton tease that is iTunes' international propagation system. If/when you manage to grab it, let us know in comments and tell us what you think. (Especially if you spot any nifty new features!)

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CBC Hockey for iPhone: stream games live

CBC Hockey from the iconic Hockey Night in Canada series is a free download from the iTunes App Store and comes ready to stream all the live NHL hockey playoff action straight to your iPhone -- via $2.99 in-app purchase.

  • LIVE box scores from every NHL game
  • Standings by division and conference
  • Stats for every team, every player
  • League leaders for points, goals,+/-, GAA, Sv%, and Wins
  • CBC Sports stories and features from our writers
  • Complete NHL schedule including CBC broadcasts and streaming info

And no, I'm not just posting this because of Montreal's stellar playoff victory last night against Pittsburgh (for those who are more geek than hockey freak, that was the team with the big C's on their chests beating the guys wearing the Linux Tux jerseys).

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Panda Hero for iPhone - game review

Panda Hero from Barefoot Explorers LLC is a cute iPhone game with a cuddly eco-friendly message where the objective is to free your animal friends from poachers while you avoid poisonous mushrooms, pits, and other dangers. After you complete a level you also get to have your own virtual panda to take care of and enjoy.

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App Store search spam -- can we get a rejection for that?

Go to the iTunes App Store, search for an app you want, and get your results flooded with spam-apps. Its a growing problem as unscrupulous developers keep finding new and annoying ways to try and game Apple's approval process and scam users.

Marco.org highlights some of the worst offenders, but more importantly offers legitimate developers a way to take action:

When an app is infringing on your copyright or trademark, the proper procedure is to send a clear notice to appstorenotices@apple.com citing your intellectual property and which apps are infringing it (provide their iTunes URLs to eliminate ambiguity). As part of this notice for trademark infringements, you can request that apps not be allowed to use your trademark to market themselves in search results (keyword spam).

Hopefully Apple will save developers the frustration and

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Another developer returns to iPhone post-iPad

Frasier Speirs, one of several well-publicized developers to leave the iPhone over objections to Apple's App Store policies and controversy surrounding app rejections, has decided to return, post iPad, and his reasons are intriguing:

I suspect that the days of everyone buying a MacBook to get online are soon to be over. I've already written about how I see our three-Mac family turning into a one-Mac, three-iPad family over the next hardware cycle and I imagine that scenario repeated industry-wide over time. Already the ratio of iPhone OS devices to Macs is 5:2.

He believes Apple can and will reject apps, and that the frontier days of computing are giving way to the mainstream, appliance future.

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Iron Man 2 for iPhone now in App Store

Iron Man 2 for iPhone -- based on the upcoming Marvel movie about the Golden Avenger -- is now widely available in the iTunes App Store [$6.99 - iTunes link].

You can play as either Iron Man (fast and agile) proper or as War Machine (powerful), and there's a variety of other armor to try out as well, including the Mark IV, Mark VI, Stealth, and underwater.

Gameloft Live is supported for achievements. Check out more screenshots after the break, and if you try it out let us know what you think!

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Square Enix releases Chaos Rings for iPhone and iPad touch

Today the App Store was introduced to the latest RPG from Square Enix, Chaos Rings. [iTunes Link - $12.99] If you appreciate RPG titles with RTS turn-based battles than Chaos Rings could be for you -- if you can get over the hefty admission fee.

  • Amazingly smooth 3D graphics
  • Gorgeous sound that takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s powerful hardware
  • A deep story with unique twists for every pair and multiple endings
  • Traditional game and battle systems polished to perfection
  • Hours upon hours of gameplay, complete with hidden bosses, secret weapons, and more

Are you going to give it a try? What do you think of a $12.99 price-point for an iPhone game? If you decide to give this a try let us know what you think in the comments below!

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The new Facebook -- are you concerned about your privacy?

Facebook recently announced some huge changes to how, where, and perhaps even why they operate -- and it effects every Facebook users' privacy. Short version: Facebook is "building the social web" by sharing your and your friends' information with more apps, for longer, and via more places outside Facebook than ever before and they're opting you into it by default.

If you're the footloose and Facebook-free sort who lives every moment online with little or no care about who knows what about you, then this likely doesn't effect you one bit.

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Rhapsody turns on offline music, Spotify goes social

Rhapsody for iPhone [free with subscription - iTunes link] has finally released an update to allow offline access to their music:

With a Rhapsody subscription, you can tap into over 9 million full-length songs, and download as much music as you want to your device. Create playlists for your commute, your workout or your flight - and download them instantly.

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