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Macworld|iWorld 2014 is over: Was it worth attending?

Macworld|iWorld 2014 is fast receding into the rear view mirror. Before it gets too distant I thought I'd gather my thoughts and look back on this year's event. Thirty years on, is Macworld|iWorld an event still worth attending?

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Despite not being at Macworld|iWorld 2014, Microsoft made its presence felt

Apple hasn't participated in CES for years, but its presence looms large over the show almost every year. Sometimes Apple's influence is overt, like the vast numbers of iPhone case makers on display. Other times it's more indirect, like the number of wearables makers at this year's show, all wanting to claim their piece of the market before Apple gets there. Similarly, Microsoft no longer exhibits at Macworld|iWorld, but made its presence felt this year in a very big way thanks to Office for iPad.

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Iterate 65: iOS 7 redux, wearables, and everywhereables!

Live from Macworld|iWorld 2014, Rene talks to Brad Ellis, Jessie Char, and Louie Mantia of Pacific Helm, Clarko of FitBit, and Sebastiaan de With of DoubleTwist about iOS 7 six months later, and interfaces on wearables and everywhereables.


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iMore show 395: Live from Macworld|iWorld 2014!

Rene and Peter are joined by Macworld|iWorld expo runner Paul Kent and TUAW's Michael Rose to talk about our favorites from the show floor, Office for iPad, Facebook and Oculus, and more!

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Rogue Amoeba does amazing things with your Mac audio — Macworld|iWorld 2014

Rogue Amoeba makes working with audio on the Mac ridiculously easy. Whether it's capturing a stream and recording it, pausing and playing audio live, making quick edits, or just putting the sound you want, where you want, including on the internet, Audio Hijack Pro, Piezo, Intermission, Fission, AirFoil, and Nicecast have you covered.

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1Password previews new iOS 7 design — Macworld|iWorld 2014

1Password lets you set, store, manage, and fill unique passwords for every website you visit, as well as your credit cards, software licenses, and more. And now, in addition to Mac, Windows, and Android, it's getting an iOS 7 makeover on iPad and iPhone!

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iSkelter lets you show off all your Apple devices in style — Macworld|iWorld 2014

iSkelter's computer furniture is designed with the Mac and iOS user in mind - cutouts help you hold your iPhone, iPad, laptop and other accessories in place. What's more, it's all made out of compressed bamboo - strong, durable and sustainable. Funded by Kickstarter, iSkelter showed off their latest wares at Macworld|iWorld 2014 including a new desk that's available in either sitting or standing configurations.

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Optrix offers new iPhone photo lenses — Macworld|iWorld 2014

Optrix showed off its latest wares at Macworld|iWorld 2014, including new lenses designed to work with the iPhone 5/5s, its completely submersible underwater case, and a new slide-on lens adapter. Optrix specializes in converting your iPhone into something that can handle even the roughest action sports photography.

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Livescribe Smartpen 3 bridges the paper/digital divide — Macworld|iWorld 2014

Livescribe showed off its Smartpen 3 at Macworld|iWorld 2014. The device works wirelessly with your iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth Smart. Everything you write and everything you hear is converted into a digital document - writing and numbers are automatically transcribed into usable text, too. Brian Rodrigues from Livescribe shows us how it works.

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Macworld|iWorld 2014 day 3: iMore show and Iterate live!

Aside from a session on iCloud essentials, Friday at Macworld|iWorld 2014 was spent recording a bunch of videos with the Macworld team. Peter has already started posting some of them and we'll get more up as soon as they're ready. In the meantime, Saturday got us back up on stage and on the mics!

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