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iPad based magazine subscriptions in a slump

iPad magazine sales seem to be in a bit of a slump. Many magazine publishers have made their content available on iPad as it's an easy way to read content without having to have paper copies littering your home or office. If it's more convenient, why are magazine sales on the iPad not doing so great?

In August, 10,500 users bought issues of Vanity Fair on their iPads. In August, only 8,700 copies were purchased via the iPad. Glamour magazine was in even worse shape with only 2,775 iPad issues sold in October. We all know that paper copies of magazines are on their way out, but shouldn't that mean that virtual copies should literally be flying off digital shelves?

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iPad live podcast #6 - Flight delay

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iiPhone international launch... with delayed deliveries, will the iPad replace your desktop, Apple TV to get iPhone OS and $99 price tag, B&N eReader, Wired, OmniGraffle and the rest of the week's news and apps. Listen in!

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Wired brings their magazine to the iPad

At over 5ooMB, Wired's iPad app arrives in the App Store and yes, the future of magazine reading appears to arrive with it!

Last November we gave a sneek-peek at Wired's concept for a magazine on a tablet. That demo was in Adobe's Flash. The new version is 100% Flash free and is beautiful.

Navigating the magazine is a breeze; tap on the screen and you are given overlayed navigation tools. The bottom scrolls through pages and the top has two options- zoom out and a vertical list of articles in the issue.

There is plenty of interactive content too. Videos from the upcoming Toy Story movie and 3D real-time models of Mars and a Lego Lamborghini. With this awesome content and interactivity comes a price; $4.99 an issue. Is it worth it? Let us know in comments! Check screenshots after the break!

[$4.99- iTunes Link]

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Wall Street Journal, GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, New Yorker, Glamour, Penguin Apps Coming to iPad

Rupert Murdoch is bringing a Wall Street Journal app to the iPad the media mogul confirmed in his own paper:

"In fact, we've been allowed to work on one, and it's under padlock and key. The key is turned by Apple every night. But we will be on that with The Wall Street Journal."

Condé Nast is also getting in on the action according to the New York Times:

GQ will have a tablet version of its April issue ready. Vanity Fair and Wired will follow with their June issues, and The New Yorker and Glamour will have issues in the summer (the company has not yet determined the exact timing for those).

They say GQ for iPhone has already sold 150,000 copies, and they'll experiment with various advertising and pricing models. All the magazine apps will be developed internally with the exception of Wired, which was/is developed with Adobe.

Publisher Penguin wants to go so far as to abandon the limitations of the ePub format and make their books into apps, says Paid Content:

“We will be embedding audio, video and streaming in to everything we do. The .epub format, which is the standard for ebooks at the present, is designed to support traditional narrative text, but not this cool stuff that we’re now talking about.

Check out their video, after the break...

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How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Magazine, Newspaper Subscriptions on the iPad

How much are you willing to pay for magazine and newspaper subscriptions on the iPad? That's a question publishers like the New York Times are literally fighting over, according to Valley Wag.

In their specific case, the old guard in "print" want to charge $20-$30 a month to access the paper online via the New York Times app shown off during last month's iPad announcement. Seems they're afraid it will cut into the traditional print-it, fold-it, put-it-on-a-truck-and-ship-it business. The folks in "digital", however, want to charge $10 since, you know, you don't have to print, fold, or drive it around to get it to the readers (cost for paper and fuel is zero).

That's just the NYT, mind you. While Apple is releasing a standardized, iTunes-based iBooks Store for the iPad, they haven't offered anything similar for newspapers or magazines (yet), meaning even if the Times settles on one model, the Washington Post (or whomever) could settle on something completely different. Atypically confusing for an Apple platform, isn't it?

And either way, there's really no precedent as to whether or not people will pay $10 a month for a digital newspaper, let alone $20 or $30. They certainly will for real world newspapers they can hold in their hand and share around the house and office, but for digital?

Some magazines, like Wired, are showing off and discussing concepts of what their digital version will look like (see their non-iPhone friendly video, after the jump), perhaps hoping the richer, multimedia experience will create a greater perception of value.

While people are used to free content on the web (Wall Street Journal aside), convenience and ease of use did get some off the file-sharing and onto iTunes Music. Could the same work for print? And what price point will let them stay in business and let us keep reading their content?

How much are you willing to pay to read the New York Times or Wired from the comfort of your iPad?

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Wired's "We Really Hope Apple's Making an iTablet!" Interface Concept

How badly does Wired's publisher, Condé Nast, want to get their content on the still-mythical Apple iTablet? Badly enough that they're working with Adobe to mock up their old content for this new (and still hypothetical!) medium. See the video above. (Warning! turn down your volume first!)

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iPhone 2.2: Safari Tweaked, Cut and Paste Freaked?

Wired's blog picked up a story from iPhone Atlas today about a minor MobileSafari browser UI change that sees the (defaults to Google) search box surfaced right on top beside the URL address box (currently it only pops up when the top box is activated to save on vertical real estate). To compensate, the Refresh button gets demoted and tucked inside the refresh box. Not sure about the usability on this change yet...?

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Wired's 3G Study Blames Carriers for Problems + Swedish Antenna Test Confirms?

Remember the Wired.com Global iPhone 3G Study Casey posted about a week or so back? Well, the results are in, and Wired's conclusion is interesting to say the least:

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Participate in Wired.com's Global iPhone 3G Study

Have you run into any 3G connection issues? Do you notice a slower tick than expected with your iPhone 3G? Well, take a part in Wired.com's global study so you can see if your iPhone is the slowest horse in the race or if it's just your area. Just point your iPhone Safari browser to TestMyiPhone.com and start a download and upload test and remember your location to import into Wired.com's interactive ZeeMap.

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iPhone 3G to be Waif-Thin, Supercharged, & Ultra-Cheap?!

"Inside Steve's Brain" author Leander Kahney of Wired magazine is reporting a programmer source inside a major software house has revealed that the next generation iPhone 3G will thinner -- we're talking Paris Hilton thinner -- by a whopping 22%.

Not only that, it will sport better battery life than the already impressive 8 hours talk time of the first gen model, and twice the NAND flash capacity, topping out at 32GB. (Paving the way for 64GB iPod Touch's?)

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