Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Let’s get started, after the break!

HTC's Dream Android phone will be smaller then the iPhone?

I guess anything is possible when you hide a full keyboard and allow it to slide out from under the device. But how THIN will it be? I guess we will have to see when the device launches this fall on T-Mobile. 

iPod Touch GPS and New Nano form factors?

Well, the iPod Touch may not be the missing out on all of the features of the new iPhone, but this is one of them. I really think Apple needs to start marketing the iPod Touch like a PDA, or better yet an iPod with PDA functionality, after all, that is what it is, right?

An the "new" iPod Nano. Is it real? Well, ever since the iPhone 3G had its cases leaked, it is becoming easier to believe. But why go from "fatty" to long and skinny... only Steve knows for sure...

Another week, another Kevin Rose rumor...

Man, I hope this is true. The big thing this week from Kevin is new iTunes 8 functionality. A complete overhaul? What about the "iTunes Unlimited" rumor? I guess we will have to wait till September 8th. Oh, wait, that part is a rumor too.

Safari 4

Wow, this can't come soon enough. Mobile Safari is great, but imagine it with enhanced speed and functionality. I know the desktop version will be fast, but I wonder what its little cousin on the iPhone will do? Same speed? More options? I am hoping for an more robust RSS experience myself...

NetNewsWire for iPhone

Have you been perplxed by the amount of RSS options out there? I have; Safari RSS, NewNewsWire, Byline... what is one to do. This article discusses the difference between NetNewsWire for the iPhone and its sister NewsGator web app. Who will win? Read on to find out!

iTablet anyone?

These rumors just won't die! Though it is hard when patents keep popping up. I for one am excited for this prospect. The interface looks great, but I just don't know if I would want a netbook (as people are calling them these days, you know, sub-notebooks) or the iTablet design. Heck, if Apple is making it, you can't go wrong. I think that it "could" be really cool and fill the niche for something bigger than an iPhone yet smaller than a MacBook. The question is, can Apple pull it off?

Tethering option for iPhone

OMGZ, if this would only become true, I would be so happy. I am on-call sometimes and I have to remote in from the road or from somewhere away from my home. The wireless tethering ability would be a life savor. Now only if AT&T does not rape us with some crazy $15 a month tethering plan, I will be OK. How about $5-$10? I know, I am dreaming, but hey, I had to try.