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Beejive IM... the solution is here?

Do you chat with people beyone AIM? I think a lot of use do. Now, there is a good mobile solution; Beejive. Take a look.

No more iTunes App Store free apps link?

This one is just weird. Why remove this? I browsed this link all the time. What is Apple's motivation? Read on to hear some ideas!

NEW Facebook app... thank the Godz

Hey, I love Facebook. The new app is really a great enhancement. Photo tagging, comments, it has it all. All it is missing is push notifications!

More Firmware 2.2 tweaks?

Looks like the App Store is getting a little more streamlined now. Bigger icons and fonts. I like the UI improvements. Speaking of UI, where is my copy and paste?

Flash on the iPhone? Will it ever be?

This is a pipe dream. Everyone wants it but Apple. We all know Apple does not want anything but its own proprietary stuff on the iPhone, but Adobe is very popular. Willl Apple allow for Flash on the iPhone?

TiPb Grand Prix Winner!

Congratulations Guille on winning the first TiPb Grand Prix! This is a first in a serires of contests. Check out the next contest below...

Where is Apple's push notification service?

This was rumored to come out in September from Apple, but has since been delayed. I am personally very excited for this functionality. Getting updates like Facebook notifications and AIM IM's will be great to have in real-time with no multitasking. Very innovative Apple. Now, let's see how well it is implemented.

TiPb at Work!

For this contest, we have moved form racing games to productivity. Check out the post to learn more! Doesn't everyone want to be more productive?

Web apps strike back! Well, umm, maybe

Developers now can launch web apps full screen! That is right! Once the app is saved to the home screen, launch the web app and no more address bars! Or course, this is something that the developer has to build in, but still cool functionality! Thanks Apple, now where is my copy and paste?

Managing Mobile Safari bookmarks

Got a lot of bookmarks? Used to IE for Firefox? Have no fear, TiPb has your solution. This article explains all there is no know about managing your bookmarks in Mobile Safari. Want to place your bookmarks in a different order? Want to delete them entirely? Want a new folder? Read on to learn more!