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Voice Control coming to iPhone

Funny this post should come up. A friend of mine just got an iPhone and she wished she had voice control for her iPhone. Well, your wish is my command.

BlackBerry Storm has copy/paste

Why does this not surprise me? Oh that is right, Apple does not think that copy/paste is a priority. Whatever. They had better be reinventing the darn thing...

Firmware 2.2 rumors...

Google street view is coming! Google street view is coming! Well, that is word on the street anyway. Oh yeah, and something else about turning off auto-correct. Hmm... anything else besides Emoji icons?

Plantronics bluetooth headset review

Need a new bluetooth headset? Check out our latest review; the Plantronics Voyager 520 bluetooth headset. Solid audio quality, but a little bit bigger than most. 

Removable battery for iPhone? One can dream...

Well, the European Union is requesting that the iPhone have a removable battery. I am all for that. However, I think that it would create an unsightly crease on the back, and I don't think Mr. Jobs will approve it...

TiPb at Work: Instant Messengers

Which will take away the crown? Palringo or Bee-Jive? My vote is on Bee-Jive, what about you?

Landscape email via TouchType

Though not the perfect solution, this is a great app if you are desperate to type mail in landscape mode. The developer states that he is also working on adding Notes functionality too.

New Apple notebooks October 14th!

I know, not iPhone related per-se, but I am excited to see what Apple is bringing out. Aren't you?

iPhone developers tour

Is it me or does this look reminiscent of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Perhaps I am imagining things. Interested in developing for the iPhone? Check out one of these events coming near you!

TiPb at Work: To Do/Task apps, vote now!

This is your chance to help pick which app will be reviewed for our TiPb at Work contest. Which apps will get reviewed?

Wal-Mart to sell iPhones?

How is Radio Shack getting shafted on this? I mean, if I had to guess, the Radio Shack folks are more knowledgeable about their products than a typical Wal-Mart employee is. Odd indeed.

Bloom: Make your own Eno mood music!

This is a fun app for making "mood" music. It is actually an almost exact conceptual rip-off of Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS. Ever heard of it?

My personal dream to come true... maybe...

This would be so incredibly awesome if this device were to become real. Of course I would prefer Apple to make it, but if I have to go through a thrid-party, I will. This looks like a great concept. Placing the iPhone in the front as a touch pad is genius. Why didn't I think of this? Perhaps Apple will fulfill my needs for this kind of device yet. Perhaps the 14th will fill us in on the way in which Apple is headed...