Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Let’s get started, after the break!

No Unlocked iPhone 3G's in the US

Who had their hopes up for this in the first place? I sure didn't. But it would be useful fro international buyers. I mean, domestically, what is the value of an unlocked phone anyway... so you can take it to T-Mobile? LOL!

Developer says "No Thanks" to Google Android... DOH!

Hmm... me thinks that Apple is on to something here with this, um, whadaya call it, um App Store? Let's see. The app store is on every iPhone, there are reasonable and fair costs for developers. Oh wait, and lastly, if you make a good app you will be rewarded with people buying it. Read on to learn more about this fascinating concept!

The iPhone Blog Grand Prix: Moto Chaser vs. Auto Contra Sense

Racing, racing, racing. Now on the iPhone. What is your favorite? This weeks Grand Prix App vs. App is Moto Chaser vs Auto Contra Sense. Which is better? Read the head-to-head to find out!

AT&T Hates RIM's BlackBerry Storm. No Really They Do

AT&T has a document discussing the talking points of the iPhone over its closest competition, mainly the forthcoming BlackBerry Storm. All valid except I remember seeing somewhere that there was a GSM Storm coming out too... hmmm...

iPhone Saber... Unleashed!

Yeah, I feel like a bad-ass now having a light saber in my pocket. I don't think they needed to base it off of the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, that was not needed. I just want to be a Jedi, mmm, K?

NDA= Blown out of Proportion

IMO, this is getting a little out of control. Look, if you are an iPod developer, don't try to make another iPod application on the iPhone. This is very simple logic. Do we really need to talk about this anymore?

Compare: iPhone 3G vs Google Android; Who Will Win?

Run through the list. Which one is most important? Reason #5 on the "iPhone Wins" section; Steve Jobs.

iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 in Developers Hands... Right Now, As You Read this!

This is exciting. Perhaps we will get an update sooner rather then later, eh? I wonder what joy Apple will bestow upon us in this update? Seriously though, I think the last update brought some great, much needed, iPod changes. What are you looking forward to?

The Phone Different Podcast

If you don't listen to this, you should. 'Nuff said.

Safari Tweaked in Latest Firmware Build; Feature Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

Of all the stories this week in Apple iPhone land, this one has to have me the most frustrated. Of all the user requests, Apple sees fit to change the way we search in Safari... not that the current way is broken. Alas, what do I expect from a company that felt compelled to update its calculator to include a scientific one when you rotate the iPhone to landscape... I mean, everyone I know was asking for that one, weren't you? Really, the list of REAL requests goes on... video recording, Spotlight, MMS, etc...

Apple App Store Review System Updated

Well, for the peeps out there that feel the need to review apps without downloading an app first, Apple has but an end to your debauchery and now you must download an app first before being granted the ability to write a review. All in favor...

PdaNet Available... if you have jailbroken your iPhone...

I know, I am waiting too, waiting for an official release for tethering my iPhone to my PowerBook when there is no Wi-Fi in site. Since I am a purist, I don't jailbreak by iPhone. However, for those of you that have...

I don't see what the big deal is here, Apple and AT&T should just do it. They already gouge us anyway for our combined data and texting plans.