Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Let’s get started, after the break!

What is left to unveil?

There are a few products to be unveiled this year that Apple has alluded to that have not appeared yet. One of which is the oft-rumored iTablet. Also, Steve mentioned earlier that no one reads anymore. Yeah Steve, is that like when you said that no one wanted to watch video on their devices, and that the iPod Photo was the way of the future. This is Apple's last opportunity going into the holiday season. What is coming on September 9th?

Phonification baby!

Now you can view TiPB in its full iPhone-optimized glory.

Need a new bluetooth headset?

Are bluetooth headsets to big for you? Tired of looking like a Borg? Well, fear not, you can place a quarter in your ear, err, I mean the ultra-small Samsung WEP 500!

iTunes 8 rumor- updated with cool new stuff?

I am all for new visualizations. Heck, we have had the same ones for, what is it, 6 years or so? But the BIG thing here is for the Genius service. What? Have not heard of that? Read on for more...

Use your voice to take notes

Feeling lazy? Want to take notes with your voice? Then Jott might just be for you. The best use of this tool is while driving. I can't tall you how many times I have had a life-changing idea in the car, thank goodness for Jott!

Bigger, badder, stronger... oh wait ,that is a song

Those blueprints look convincing. But heck, I could have made that in Auto-Cad. Ok, I couldn't have, but someone could. Still, with the iPod Touch being a little thicker, what could that mean? Bigger battery? GPS? I think Apple is on its way to reinvent the PDA. Now, all we need is a good VOIP app. Skype, where are you?

Best Buy= iPhone 3G luv

I like how Apple is expanding its retail outlets beyond the Apple store; some people just don't have access to one. By Apple expanding their market, they open up a lot of options for exposure. But please, if you have access to an Apple Store, you would be much better off. 

Me thinks that this will help Apple to get to the magical "10 million" by the end of 2008... or was it 40?

Secret iPhone 3G features! DOH!

Rumor has it that developers are "missing" some pieces of the iPhone 2.1.0 firmware in an effort to keep it under wraps. Could this be true? I think so. It is getting harder and harder for Apple to keep stuff secret. I personally can't wait. Could the biggest surprise be... copy/paste? Hmmm.... 

iPod Nano 4G and Press Event

Man, I think someone is getting fired at Apple. I mean, there are lots of shots coming out these days of the iPod Nano 4G. True, they could be fake, but me thinks they aren't. Especially with the wide assortment of blueprints and cases on the Internets these days. Will there be a price drop? If I can get a widescreen iPod Nano for 100 bones, I will buy one. What about you?