ZENandTECH 4: Exercism

Returning to your regularly scheduled ZENandTECH, Georgia and Rene discuss the benefits of exercise and how it alleviates depression, burns away stress, helps you sleep, improves your concentration, and otherwise works wonders. Plus, some app picks to help you keep track of your progress and build good habits.

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  • The importance of aerobic exercise
  • The benefits of aerobic exercise: Rapid metabolism of adrenaline and thyroxin, oxygenation of blood and brain, stimulates endorphins, decreases cholesterol, improves circulation, lowers insomnia, increases self esteem, improves concentration and memory
  • How to know if you're not getting enough: Are your muscles tense? Can't walk up a set of stairs without being out of breathe? Long recovery time after you exert yourself? Feel tired? Lethargic? Feeling depressed? Ache for days after a work out?
  • Examples of aerobic exercise: Cycling, running, swimming (great if you have injuries), combat sports like grappling, vigorous sex
  • Help getting motivated: Join a gym, join a team, ask a friend to start with you


  • Think about how well you take care of your gadgets, how you keep them clean, protect the screens, keep them charged and updated.
  • Now think about how well you take care of your most important gadget -- your body. You deserve the same level of care! More even!


  • Get your heart rate up for 10 min., 5 times a week (to burn stress)
  • Start slow if you're new, better to aim small and accomplish

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