"Petite and pretty" best describe RENPHO's Elis Chroma smart scale

The RGB lights make it special! But look elsewhere if you have large feet

Renpho Ellis
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iMore Verdict

RENPHO’s Elis Chroma is a fantastically fun RGB “smart body scale,” but it comes with some caveats you should be aware of. That said, if you have feet larger than a men’s size 10.5 (US), there are more fitting options for you!


  • +

    Multi-function RGB lights are fun AND useful

  • +

    Small footprint (no pun intended)

  • +

    Well designed iOS & a WatchOS apps


  • -

    Can’t turn off BIA for pregnancy

  • -

    USB C charging may be a pain point

  • -

    Weight can be inaccurate if you don’t calibrate each time

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Much like smartphones, so many of the smart body scales are the same. Boring black or white slabs. 

Enter: RENPHO’s Elis Chroma. A “smart body scale” with an RGB deck which isn’t just pretty, it’s also functional. And while the scale does come with some caveats -they all do- I really liked the simplicity of its apps, and its bluetooth connectivity was rock solid!

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Price and availability

RENPHO Elis Chroma RGB scale

(Image credit: RENPHO)

How much is the accessory, and where can you buy it from?

The Elis Chroma is available directly from Renpho.com, or you can buy it from Amazon. Currently it’s available only in the United States from either site. You’ll be paying $59.99 for that RGB goodness, and the 13 body measurement data points, but Amazon currently has a $10 off coupon you can use when you purchase.

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Ease of use

RENPHO Eli Chroma RGB smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The Elis Chroma is quite easy to use. Initial setup via the bluetooth connected app was simple and straightforward. I had it up and running within minutes. You’ll have to create an account with RENPHO to use it, which is also how it accommodates multiple users. Everyone’s data goes to their login, which is easily tracked since it’s your phone connecting directly to the scale via bluetooth, not wifi like some other scales on the market. Once it’s set up, you can go into the app’s settings and customize the deck’s colors with more options than you’ll need, including some preset themes. 

Once you’ve gone through that, you’re ready to step on the scale and begin tracking not only weight, but changes in body composition as well. RENPHO recommends that each time you want to take a measurement, you activate and calibrate it by stepping on the scale with one foot and then stepping off, waiting for the display to read 0’s. Once you see that, step on with both feet. It measures 13 data points, including BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat (the most important one) and more.

You don’t need to have the app open to take a measurement, but if you do, the app will present you with a customizable chime when the scale has completed its tasks. You can customize that chime based on if you’ve gained, or lost weight, or if your weight is unchanged. If you don’t have the app open at that time, once you do connect to the scale it will update the app with the appropriate info. If you’ve connected with Apple Health you’ll see that info updated there at that time as well.

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Build quality

RENPHO Eli Chroma RGB smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The scale is light and plasticky, but when you step on it, you don’t feel or hear any creaks or other signs that it might be cheaply made. The only real drawback to the build is the size of the deck. I wear men’s US size 12 shoes and my feet barely fit, requiring me to be very intentional about how I place my feet on the scale. 

It has a USB-C port on the front edge, which doesn’t feel cheap. It does come with a charging cord which unlike some of its competitors, is NOT comedically short. Next to that you’ll see a reset button and microphone for sound activated use.

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Features

RENPHO Eli Chroma RGB smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The reason you’re here is for the light show! You need to have an active connection with the scale, but when you do, you can go into the Color Management settings and play to your heart’s content. You can set the lights so that when you weigh yourself the color corresponds to the BMI reading. I left this feature off since BMI science is a bit shaky. It’s the pulsing light customizations that I loved, AND the ability to use the scale in ambient light mode. Like a night light. The downside to Ambient Light mode is that it requires the scale to be plugged in, and many people may not have an outlet right where they'd likely place a scale. 

Some smart body scales allow you to turn off the electrical current which is how the body composition analysis is done. This is important if you’re pregnant, because you don’t want that current, as miniscule as it is, to course through your baby. The manual, which you’ll likely not have read, advises that if you’re preggers, step on the scale with socks or shoes on. If it were my wife, I’d buy her some lightweight rubber bottom house slippers for this purpose. Some scales will also allow you to weigh your baby or dog while holding them but the Chroma doesn’t have this feature.

The RENPHO app connects to Apple Health, as well as a few other manufacturers' health apps.

Tshaka laying on DEXA scanner

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The most accurate body scan you can get is a DEXA scan (pictured above). I visited XEELA Fitness in Santa Monica, CA for my scan. Big shout out to DEXA Plus and XEELA for making that happen! It may cost hundreds of dollars to go to a facility and get a DEXA scan. That said, the body composition was off on some metrics by a few points, though the weight measurement was consistent and pretty accurate. 

My DEXA scan showed me having a BMI of 28.3, Elis Chroma was 28.7. DEXA total body fat % was 23.6, Elis Chroma was 25.7. DEXA lean mass showed 165.20lbs, Elis Chroma was 155.6lbs. DEXA fat mass was 51.14lbs, Elis Chroma doesn’t offer this metric, per se. Just subcutaneous fat % and a separate visceral fat score.

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Competition

In terms of competition, I have yet to find another direct competitor. Meaning one which has a light up deck like the Chroma. That said, if the cuteness quotient is a non-factor for you, there are similar scales at this price point, and lower, from Etekcity, Withings, Anker Eufy, and others which work just as well and have larger decks.

For example, for the same price you can pick up Etekcity’s ESF00+ which is equipped with Bluetooth and wifi, so you don’t need to have the app open on your phone nearby everytime you want to weigh yourself. It also has a larger deck and a huge, easy to read display which shows you multiple metrics on the same screen.

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Should you buy it?

You should buy it if..

  • You want something more than a plain black or white slab
  • You don’t want or need a wifi connected smart scale
  • You want an app experience which is simple, and easy to understand

You shouldn’t buy it if…

  • You have large, or wide feet
  • You’d rather have a smart scale which uses replaceable batteries and not USB-C charging

RENPHO Elis Chroma: Verdict

RENPHO’s Elis Chroma is easy to recommend for those wanting a smart scale that lights up their lives. Its color customizations add some fun to the experience of tracking your fitness progress, and they’re functional to boot! I just wish it came with a longer charging cable and that the deck was better suited for accommodating larger, wider feet.

For those with larger feet, shopping at this price point, you’re better off looking at the Etekcity ESF00+, or for a bit more, Anker’s $89.99 Eufy P3 which adds heart rate measuring, a larger deck and a larger display to see more data at-a-glance while you’re weighing yourself.

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