Etekcity's ESF00+ is a robust smart scale built for bigger bodies

With its wide platform, this is a great scale for large framed folks

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iMore Verdict

The Etekcity ESF00+ is a beefy smart scale with a screen that displays quite a bit of information at a glance. If you can read it. It has a large, wide deck, and the curious inclusion of microUSB for charging. Overall, it’s a solid option if you’re in the market.


  • +

    The scale is wide, heavy, and feels built to last

  • +

    If you can see it, the screen displays a lot at-a-glance

  • +

    Available Apple Watch companion app that is simple and tells you the basics


  • -

    Charging is done via microUSB and takes 3 hours

  • -

    Text on the display is small (Or I’m old)

  • -

    This model is only available in white

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Etekcity’s ESF00+ is built like a tank, so if you’re a large human, you won’t feel like you’re about to break it. But your tummy may not be the only thing hindering you from seeing the data on the display. There’s a lot of it, and the text is small. Despite that, this is a scale that should fit the bill nicely for most people.

Etekcity ESF00+: Price and availability

Etekcity ESF00+ smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

I’ve seen this scale available online from quite a few retailers. Amazon, Target, Home Depot, QVC among them. The price ranges anywhere from $49.99 to $64.99. You can also pick it up directly from for $59.99. It’s available only in white. I recommend looking at Amazon, Target, or Etekcity as I find that it’s often out of stock at some of the other sites which list it.

Etekcity ESF00+: Ease of use

Etekcity ESF00+ smart scale

(Image credit: Etekcity)

I have to say that set up of these scales has been quite painless so far. Download the app, set up a user account, then connect the scale via bluetooth. After that, you have access to the settings to configure Wi-Fi and more. You can’t configure the data you see on the scale when you take a measurement, but you don’t really need to since it presents quite a bit on its long, vertical screen. 

The only pain point I had here is that my aging eyes had a hard time reading the body analysis info as the text for that is rather small. BMI and weight are both large enough to read easily, as is the BMI Tooltip indicator. That indicator shows up as red, yellow, or green hash lines letting you know that your BMI is “standard,” “low,” or “high.” The scale itself has a very wide deck that should accommodate all but the most gargantuan of feet, making it easy to just step on and get your measurements. 

I know that sounds silly for a scale, something whose purpose is to be stepped on but after reviewing several of these, an accommodating deck for my size 11.5 feet is a welcomed design feature. The only issue I had with regards to how easy it is to use is the odd choice of charging via microUSB cable. By now, many of us have a couple or more USB C charging cables lying around so if you lose the included cable, you’ll need to buy another instead of using what you already have. Also, it takes 3 hours to charge via microUSB.

Etekcity ESF00+: Build quality

The scale really feels like it’s going to last you quite some time. It’ll likely outlast the 1000 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery embedded in it. It’s the heaviest of the lot that I’ve recently tested, weighing in at just over 7 pounds, so you may actually lose even more weight just shuffling it around if you don’t have a permanent location for it. The wide, nearly 15 inch deck accommodates those of us with large feet and thick thighs which is a boon as BIA scales work best when you stand with your arms not touching your sides and your legs not touching each other. A tough feat for some of us with heartier frames, on a narrow scale.

Etekcity ESF00+: Features

Etekcity ESF00+ smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

This bioelectric impedance analysis scale (BIA) works by sending a very small electrical current through your body, then giving you data on 12 bodily metrics. Thanks to its large deck, stepping on it to get this info is easy, and its large, vertical screen shows you 7 of those metrics on one page, all at-a-glance. Things like your body fat percentage, and your visceral fat -fat which surrounds your organs. Too much is bad! That vertical display is what sets this scale apart from others in this class, whose smaller, square displays scroll through multiple cards to display their info. 

One feature which also sets this scale apart from some of its competition is the ability to weigh your baby, while holding the baby. It’s easily done through a slide out menu option on the scale’s homescreen. The other “feature” which sets this scale apart? It’s hefty build. You definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, and that this scale will last you quite some time. To help ensure you have that time, another thing which stands out amongst the competition is the inclusion of a 2 year warranty. Others I’ve reviewed have had only 1 year warranties. There are a couple points of concern in the T’s & C’s of that warranty, such as it not applying “to damages or defects exceeding the cost of the product.” Seeing as how inexpensive the scale is, that could be an issue.

Tshaka lying on DEXA scanner

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The most accurate body scan you can get is a DEXA scan (pictured above). I visited XEELA Fitness in Santa Monica, CA for my scan. Big shout out to DEXA Plus and XEELA for making that happen!It may cost hundreds of dollars to go to a facility and get a DEXA scan. That said, the body composition was off on some metrics by a few points, though the weight measurement was consistent and pretty accurate. My DEXA scan showed me having a BMI of 28.3, ESF00+ was 28.3. DEXA total body fat % was 23.6, ESF00+ was 28.7. DEXA lean mass showed 165.20lbs, ESF00+ was 149.2lb. DEXA fat mass was 51.14lbs, ESF00+ doesn’t offer this metric, per se. Just subcutaneous fat % and a separate visceral fat score.

Etekcity ESF00+: Competition

There are a lot of options for you at this price point, but this is one of the best available, due to its build quality, lengthy warranty, and vertical screen. If white isn’t your jam, Anker’s Eufy P3 smart scale has a black model which has a large deck as well. Though not as wide, it is more than suitable for most people’s feet, and its display has larger, more vibrant text that I found easier to read. Currently its price falls in line because Amazon has a $20 instant coupon, bringing this $89.99 scale down to $69.99.

Etekcity ESF00+: Should you buy it?

You should buy it if..

  • You’re a stallion and need a scale with a huge deck
  • You want to see multiple metrics all at-a-glance
  • You want a scale with an easy-to-use Apple Watch app

You shouldn’t buy it if…

  • If small text is hard to read for you
  • You want a scale with removable batteries

Etekcity ESF00+: Verdict

“Thick thighs save lives,” and if this is a mantra that applies to you, this smart scale with a large, wide deck will ensure you’re able to assume the proper stance: arms not touching your sides and thighs/legs not touching. Also, it’s hefty build quality will match yours and give you a satisfying feeling that it will hold up to your regular measurements for a long time to come. 

The only issue you’ll really come up against is the small text displayed on the long, vertical screen. Add a few ounces to your weight for the glasses you may need to wear to read it. If you want all this scale has to offer but want larger text, you might consider Anker’s Eufy P3 which supports weights up to 440lbs (40 more than this one) and has a display with larger, bolder text.

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