Anker's Eufy P3 is a smart scale with great accuracy at a fair price

You get a lot with the P3 for under $100, including solid accuracy

Eufy P3
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iMore Verdict

Anker’s Eufy P3 smart scale is beautifully designed with a large, vibrant TFT screen which displays the data most important to you without needing a phone. It’s easy to use, with a deck large enough to support even those users with large, wide feet.


  • +

    Works via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1

  • +

    Large, vibrant, customizable display

  • +

    Baby and pet weight modes


  • -

    Frequently need to measure twice

  • -

    No Apple Watch app

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Anker has proven themselves time and again when it comes to providing value at a good price. You get a lot with the Eufy P3 smart scale: display customization, removable battery operation, a large, vibrant display, and more. There was just one thing I found irksome. Not a deal breaker, but something you should definitely be aware of.

Eufy P3: Price and availability

Anker Eufy P3 smart scale

(Image credit: Anker)

Normally the Eufy P3 smart scale is available direct from Anker’s Eufy website, or Amazon for $89.99, but both sites are currently offering it with an instant $30 discount. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it one of the best smart scale options at $59.99, based on its features. For the time being, it appears to be available only in the US.

Eufy P3: Ease of use

Anker Eufy P3 smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

Anker’s Eufy P3 “intelligent analysis scale” is easy to set up and to use. Download the EufyLife app and create a user account. Enter the appropriate info: weight, height, birthday, etc. Once you’ve done that, install the batteries, select add device in the app and follow the directions. Set up was smooth and I was on my way taking measurements in short order. When you take measurements, you have the ability to cycle between the displayed info without needing your phone, by simply tapping the scale with your feet. One of the few scales to allow you to do so. And the screen is large, and vibrant with large text, making reading it a joy (as long as your tummy isn’t blocking your view). 

I’m a big fan of removable batteries on smart scales because I don’t have outlets in my bathrooms where I’d place a scale. This one takes 4 AAA’s. Since this scale uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, I don’t need my phone with me to have data synced to EufyLife, and by extension, Apple Health. I simply measure, then whenever I get to it, wherever I may be, I can launch the app and see all the metrics which were synced over Wi-Fi.

Eufy P3: Build quality

Anker Eufy P3 smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

At almost four and a half pounds, the scale doesn’t feel “cheap.” It has a glossy ITO coated glass deck, so it doesn’t need exposed metal electrodes to send current through your feet, giving it a more refined, less industrial look. And the designers at Anker’s Eufy took notes on safety, including these “anti-rollover strips” on the edges for stability. The deck is large enough for those with larger than US men’s size 12 feet, and it’s rated for 440lbs, unlike some of its competitors which are only rated for 400lbs.

Eufy P3: Features

Anker Eufy P3 smart scale

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The Eufy P3 measures 16 data points, including: weight, heart rate, body fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, baby weight, and pet weight. For the last two, the scale allows you to hold your baby or pet, then factors in your own weight to give you an accurate weight. It disables the electrical current when doing this, the same as it does when you put the scale into Basic Mode, if you’re pregnant or wear a pacemaker. 

The best feature on the scale itself is the nearly 4-inch display which allows you to cycle through the info presented with the simple tap of a foot. One of few scales I’ve found so far that has this feature. The text and icons on the display are large and easy to read. Touching on the EufyLife app briefly, I appreciate the ease with which you can browse and understand your data, trends over time. Giving you the ability to see and easily identify trends over a day, week, or month. Tapping on the “Me” tab at the bottom of the app’s home screen allows you to customize the scale’s display data sets, and link your scale to Apple Health, turn heart rate monitoring on, or activate Simple Mode which deactivates electrical current.

It’s important to note that BIA is about consistency more than accuracy. It’s really about seeing if your health and fitness efforts are trending in a positive direction, or if you need to make some changes. And you won’t know that if your numbers fluctuate greatly from weigh-in to weigh-in. Which is to say, don’t stress over the exact numbers, rather pay closer attention to the trends. 

Tshaka laying on DEXA scanner

(Image credit: Tshaka Armstrong)

The most accurate body scan you can get is a DEXA scan (pictured above). I visited XEELA Fitness in Santa Monica, CA for my scan. Big shout out to DEXA Plus and XEELA for making that happen! It may cost hundreds of dollars to go to a facility and get a DEXA scan, but the Eufy P3’s results were surprisingly close to the medical grade DEXA scanner’s. My DEXA scan showed me having a BMI of 28.3, P3 was 28.3. DEXA total body fat % was 23.6, P3 was 22.3. DEXA lean mass showed 165.20lbs, P3 was 162.9lbs. DEXA fat mass was 51.14lbs, P3 showed 46.7lbs.

Eufy P3: Competition

With its current sale, the Eufy P3 is one of the best bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) scales you can buy at $59.99. Most of the competition measures BIA the same way, through the feet, so I don’t think you’re necessarily better off going anywhere else. That is, unless you want to spend a lot more money for greatly improved segmented body composition measurement? If so, then you’ll want to look at Withings’ Body Scan… for $399.95. Yes, you read that right.

Eufy P3: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if...

  • You want a scale that is easy to read during your measurements
  • You want a scale that is battery operated
  • You want a Wi-Fi enabled scale

You shouldn’t buy it if…

  • You want a scale with USB-C charging
  • You want a scale which doesn’t frequently need you to measure twice for accurate results

Eufy P3: Verdict

With the current $30 discount, Anker’s Eufy P3 “intelligent analysis scale” is a no-brainer. Many of the scales I’ve reviewed seem to work best when I take more than one measurement in the morning. I haven’t figured out why yet, but several scales have behaved this way. Its large, stable platform will be a good fit for everyone but those with Shaquille O’Neal size feet, and unless your tummy is blocking the view, the display features large, vibrant text and icons, making it easy to read during measurement. And, most important of all, its accuracy compared to a DEXA scan is very close!

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