Amazon: Kindle better for unitaskers in bikinis

Amazon Kindle bikini ad

Amazon's new Kindle ad says a) it's easier to read an ebook on in direct sunlight, b) it's smaller and lighter, and c) it's way less expensive than Apple's iPad.

It doesn't show what happens when the guy spins his chair around, quickly corrects a PowerPoint pitch so he doesn't have to go back to the office, wows the bikini lady with Epic Citadel, then looks up a great restaurant on the full color web, gets directions from maps, and takes her off to dinner while they listen to streaming music.

(This is the second Amazon Kindle ad to feature a lady in the sun; interesting demo they're targeting.)

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Rene Ritchie

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Amazon: Kindle better for unitaskers in bikinis


well said rene, nobody sees that part of ipad, everyone is good at blaming while there are few at praising its beauty, its mutimedia features .....

"unitaskers"? Not like you can multitask with the iPad. At least Amazon is honest about what their product can do instead of trying to advertise the Kindle as a "mobile computer". If my iPad was not jailbroken I would not bemire than a fancy paperweight.

Although the iPad is a great device, the Kindle IS the better at what it does, which is providing the user with a great reading experience. While the iPad has the nice books app and everything, reading off of a kindle is much better. To end, if you are solely into a reading device, get the kindle, if you want an all-around device, and want to read a little only once-in-a-while, the iPad might suit you more.

@Hang why should one product's advertising praise the beauty of another product? I haven't tried doing any extensive reading on either but I sure, based on the screens, that Kindle is better for it.

Sure reading at the beach might be nice, but it's hardly where most people spend most of their time reading. In fact, I'd bet getting enough light for reading is a much more common problem than too much light. So, Kindles are cool for the skin cancer crowd, but an iPad works better if you spend more time in the sack.

I can definitely see the appeal for the a lightweight, portable device for avid readers. I love reading. But being a college student, I hardly have time to read for leisure. All the books I read are translated from other languages, or are textbook. Usually Amazon's store (nor does iBooks) does not have those translated texts, much less the textbooks. Therefore, the iPad is a great device to take to class. It's different for everyone :)

If you're reading at the beach you probably have a paper book -- cheaper, even easier to leave, even better battery life, and if it gets sand in it or it falls in the water, you're only out a few bucks, not over a hundred.
"unitasker" means it's useful for one thing. iPad is good for many things - games, ebooks, music, video, etc. etc.
And 3.2 does multitask -- you can listen to iPod while surfing the web just fine. 4.2 will let 3rd party apps do likewise.
Its a great ad by Amazon though. I'm sure many people won't even stop to think how limited a use case they're highlighting.

Maybe Amazon should be careful -- anger Apple too much, and risk losing the Kindle app for iOS! Yikes.

How limited a use case!? What other use case is there for a Kindle? The Kindle is a book reader. Should they make an ad show how it does NOT play movies? Don't be ridiculous please!
Stop saying how many more things iPad can do. This ad is a Kindle ad. A Kindle is a book reader. So they will highlight what is does best (or to be more precise, the only thing it does). It's not trying to compete with iPad in all the other things that iPad does.
If you're going on a two week vacation you can carry 4 heavy books with you our you can take your lightweight Kindle. And you won't even have to worry about recharging it.
So, if you ONLY want a book reader, Kindle is better. It's that simple. It's an undeniable fact. There's no need to feel threatened and get on the defensive. Sheez.

Kindle and iPad are two different types of device and not comparable! Kindle is only good for book ready and that is it. If you reduce iPad capabilities to only e-reader it would cost even less than a Kindle! its like comparing and iPod shuffle which is $49 and an iPod touch which is $300. If amazon could do all things that iPad can, then they could compare the price

If she spent more for her sunglasses than the Kindle, she either only reads free books or those are some expensive shades.

I like the iPad, I think it's great. I also use a Kindle and when I want to just sit and read, that's what I use. I think a Kindle says "I'm reading" and an iPad says "I'm looking like I'm reading but I might be doing anything... but I look cool!"
Kick Butt

What I don't understand is why is amazon going after a device thats not even in it's league and is not truly known for it's book reading strengths

@Juan, you got more excited over the post than the post did over the ad!
@Andrclvn: Exactly. But iPad is selling like crazy, has super high mind share, and going after it will get attention -- good or bad we'll find out.

Oh please. It is much less expensive because it only does one thing. The iPad does much more, thus, it should be priced higher.
If you want a reader, get a Kindle. If you want a gigantic iPod Touch, get an iPad. If you want a true tablet computer, wait until something else comes out.

Both devices have valid reasons for being on the market and both are doing very well! Both have their pros and cons, its about choosing the device that best suits the users needs and intents. More importantly both have a rightful place in education.
Rene is plagued with confusion, just listen to the tipb podcasts and listen to him say "the fanboys will...". Wake up Rene your king fanboy!

yeh and if he was anywhere in Europe he would be getting a 300quid data roaming charge for that amount of activity.

It's amazing how bias you are rene. Ok, this is a Apple blog, so I don't expect to say great things about other products other that Apple's.
Nevertheless, what you are saying in this post is absolutely out of the point. People that buy Kindle only want to read books, and to read books it is THE BEST device. They don't comment about other features because simply people that buy it don't want them, they just want to read!!! they don't care if they get directon, prepare a powerpoint, etc. THEY JUST WANT TO READ. And please be honest, Kindles is the best product for that. For the record, I own an Ipad, but facts are facts...

I think if I needed to do all that I'd just pull out a decently designed 10" netbook to do the job then put it away and go back to reading books on the Kindle. Basically you're either carrying the cellphone, iPad, and a laptop/netbook or cellphone, Kindle, and netbook. And of course you're probably paying for 2 data plans with the iPad. And the Kindle is less eye strain and more battery life while reading.

Rene women are not going to think your sexy and sleep with you just because you have an iPad. Read a lot more and then use a cultivated mind to get into their pants.

Kindle is way better ebook reader than IPad. That is clear for anyone who tried to read a whole book on both device. There are still many people who do read books. (no I am not talking about comics) And IPad is great for many things. It is good for reading books too, but not that good as Kindle (IBooks is not as good for reading as Aldiko). Definitely not in direct sunlight.
Kindle is an ebook reader IPad is an all around personal device.

it simple - get what you want: an ipad or kindle. The fact is that the ipad will kill kindle in sales, just like smartphones will/have already killed other cellphones....

Really? You felt the need to write this article? It really doesn't come of well...
The kindle does limited things and does them well; does them the best of anyone in fact. Remind you of anything?

It's amazing to me that people even talk about these products in the same sentence. Of course the dedicated device is better at what it does then the multi-purpose device for that particular task. This is a general tenant that will always hold true. Why debate something so obvious. Given the choice between the two devices, however, for most sane people there is no contest.. iPad hands down. Does an amazing amount of things well, instead of great at one thing. Also the number of things it does well is growing by the day as a result of the App store.
Finally, for me personally, even for eBook reading I would buy an iPad over the Kindle. I have used both, the iPad works in many more Use Cases. More selection (iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, etc..), read at night, etc.
No contest.

I have to clarify that the kindle is a good reading experience in direct sunlight. The iPhone and iPad are great indoors where you can control the light.
Also I used to find books online to read and bring them to the beach on my old handspring visor. It was black and white with high contrast. When I eventually bought a color Visor, the color screen made it so I could not see it at the beach.
So it's more the luck of technology that this works out for the kindle. They probably thought about how best to provide the best reading experience but in order to do that, they had to basically provide a black and white screen, thus limiting it's functionality. The iPad of course took a different route.
Now some apple fanboi engineer is currently thinking about inventing a retina display that also is readable in direct sunlight. Kudos for the advance of technology!

Ah, come on, Rene. This was a smart ad that points out one of the Kindle's strengths vs. one of the iPad's weaknesses. Well, 2 actually, iPad's high cost of entry being the other.

Reminds me of the Mac vs PC commercials. It's a great commercial.
There's no downside to taking little shots at the Apple. (HP/Palm should take notes.) Built in anti apple crowd. People like an underdog. And Apple can't really respond without giving the competition even more attention.

I just bought a Kindle. I have had an iPhone for about 2 years now. I can say, without question, that a Kindle is a better reading experience. It is lighter, the screen is amazing, you don't get eyestrain after an hour, and best of all, you don't have the distractions that an iDevice has. It allows you to totally forget the medium, and just get engrossed in the content.
While I haven't done more than play with an iPad, I have serious doubts over its abilities as a reader. I don't want to be in the middle of a book only to see a tweet or an e-mail come in with a link to a youtube video, it would pull me out of the entire experience. And don't say "well you can turn push notifications off..."
If you like to read (which is a dying pastime, unfortunately), an iPad/iPhone simply will not cut it.
If reading for you is something you do for a few hours a week, then by all means, use a multitasking device. Otherwise, I'll stick to a unitasker, thank you very much.

Great points MC and Erik. The Kindle is a much better device for reading on the go. It's light weight and works well in sunlight. Believe it or not many people go outdoors to relax and read. Living on the Florida coast with beaches as far as the I can see, I know this very well. The wife has iPad and I'll be damned if I try to take it on the beach, or park, or pool deck, or front porch to read a book for a few hours. It's too heavy and too much of a hassle in sunlight. That's why this family has two Kindles and is about to purchase a third.
Seriously Rene if I want to do all those things you mentioned then I pull out my smartphone. The advantage is I don't look like a douche trying to show off. I swear Apple fanboys are some of the most defensive and sensitive types. Maybe its a reflection of the typical male Apple user. Get a Droid or an Evo and watch the estrogen levels plummet.

Rene, You are way off on your comments. The Kindle is great. Who wants to lay out by the beach and work on Powerpoint or work on a device with a bright display? You want an easy on the eyes device to be able to read and relax in the bright sun or wherever you are. It's the RIGHT demographic to go after..there's nothing interesting about it. Not to mention after a day of reading time you'll still have a few weeks remaining!

Face it, it's a good ad. The people that buy ipads are more techies and Amazon is clearly saying to the public that if they just want a nice reader, they should buy the Kindle over the iPad. Clear and concise product differentiation. If she needed to update a powerpoint presentation, she wouldn't be in a bikini by the pool and neither would that guy because he can't see his screen.

Rene, that's a poor attempt at refuting a true ad. Kindle = e-reader. iPad = tablet computer. Why even try to compare all of the other possibilities the iPad provides? You should compare iBooks to Kindle and nothing more. Otherwise you might as well compare a recliner with heated seats to a dinner table chair. One is a chair and the other is a chair plus extra. Makes no sense to compare.
Great ad Amazon.
BTW, reading in the sun is not just for the beach. At the bus stop, in a vehicle (yes, that sunlight counts too), at a park while my son plays, in my back yard just hanging out, etc. You're looking too much into it. If Gruber can say he likes it, I'm sure tipb can pull he veil down for at least one minute.

I think Amazon is being rather smart to market against the iPad. These devices are definitely in different classes, but that's not the point. Amazon is taking advantage of the iPad public mindshare to market their product. Also, seeing how light, portable, and visually clear a Kindle is makes me want to buy my e-books from Amazon so I can read them on my iPad, Kindle or desktop. If I buy them from the iBookstore I can only read them on iDevices. Amazon is competing with the iBookstore, not the iPad.

Great ad
Although thats probably the only reason youd buy a kindle over an iPad in all honesty
But its great to see amazon taking some jabes at Apple, let the ad war begin !!!!

I swear, half the commenters here have never read a book on the iPad. It is a very pleasurable reading experience. It is my main reading medium. I'm willing to give up reading outside in direct sunlight (which I rarely do) for all the other great things the iPad provides.
For those that complain about being distracted by Push Notifications, email, phone calls, SMS, etc. while reading on an iDevice..
Uh there's something call Airplane mode.

I can't believe the anti-Rene bull$4!7 I see on here. I don't see any reference to the Kindle being a bad product in any of the lead story or Rene's comment. It seems more to me that people are just itching to call out "FANBOI!!!!!"
The ad calls out one thing, at least it is better than the Sony PSP ads that highlight 'Wastebasket' (let alone 'Lame Castle' which isn't even a real app.)
It seems that people on the tech blogs are increasingly quick to overreact.

I can't believe all the Kindle FANBOIs in the comments (kidding!)
Seriously, it's a good ad, and Kindle kicks ass at reading in the sun and being light and cheap.
However, not pointing out everything else an iPad can do beyond a kindle would be silly.
It's like a a RAZR commercial showing their phone can flip and the iPhone can't. Sure, it's true, but it leaves so much more out. It's not Amazon's job to explain the rest, of course, but it absolutely is ours.

@Rene... but that's not the point. The Kindle isn't trying to pass itself off as a jack-of-all-trades like the iPad is. It's trying to demonstrate to it's target audience that it's a kicka** e-reader, something which Apple has been saying the iPad is good for as well. And, well, this commercial clearly demonstrates it's an poor (at worst) to average (at best) reader.
This is a textbook ad from Amazon.

Rene in 2009 sang the benefits of non-multitasking, how, unlike a computer or netbook, the iPhone/iPad lets you focus on one task to get your job done.
Rene in 2010 denigrates "unitasking"

Different strokes for different folks....
let the kindle be kindle, leave it to do well what it does, LITTLE. It'll never get near the iPad. Sure it is better in sunlight but who of us will give up our pads for a kindle? It's no threat. When brands like this, Android, Acer, Micros*ft and the like try hard to belittle Apple, its because they are petrified. Grin and feel good at the fact they tried to find one of the few of the pad's week points because there aint much else to attack!

That said.... if I was a constant reader of books and not the net or magazines etc I might buy a kindle. But I'd also have an iPad as well!! (money permitting!) :-)

But Rene the add is focused on reading therefor it only needs to exploit an aspect of reading on both devices not all the devices do.
My wife and I both have iPhones and ipads and we go the pools and beaches a ton. My wife is also a 'rainman' of reading and one paper book for our week (sometimes longer) vacations are not enough. She goes through a book a day and the iPad though light is to heavy for extended reading periods. She likes her kindle pool/beach side and her iPhone mail etc... And the iPad for our in flight entertainment.
btw at home she reads paper books the most despite having an iPad and kindle.
There is nothing wrong with not exposing other aspects of the iPad in this add because it's focus is on the act of reading itself. The kindle is not a tablet it's a reader... The iPad is a tablet with reader apps.

Isn't this ad an example of marketing 101? Sex, showing how your item is better than some other item, and more sex?

@Public Farley
It isn't about calling "FANBOI!!!" but @tipd that sold out on Apple that any crack against the mothership requires a "but we beat you here" post? It is a great ad. Leave it at that.
The difference is a Razor is a PHONE! You compare phone to phone. You don't compare a kitchen knife to a Swiss Army knife, right? Kindle = e-reader. iPad = mini-laptop [aka tablet]. Huge difference.
Signing out...closed minds irritate me.

@John: I just disagree with you. Nothing wrong with that. It would be boring if we all though alike.
So why is Amazon comparing their kitchen knife to Apple's swiss army knife?

@ John - "Signing out…closed minds irritate me."
This is a blog. People can express opinions in blogs. Get over it.

Nothing wrong with disagreeing. The antics is what I don't like.
Amazon is comparing e-reading to e-reading. That's all. Not saying the Kindle is something it isn't.

"It doesn’t show what happens when the guy spins his chair around, quickly corrects a PowerPoint pitch so he doesn’t have to go back to the office, wows the bikini lady with Epic Citadel, then looks up a great restaurant on the full color web, gets directions from maps, and takes her off to dinner while they listen to streaming music."
They can't show it because of the glare from the sun :(

When she said she paid more for her sunglasses, I just thought, "She paid way too much for her sunglasses."

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