Amazon offers Kindle e-book buyers antitrust settlement credit - did you get yours?

Amazon offers Kindle e-book buyers antitrust settlement credit - did you get yours? has begun to notify customers who have purchased Kindle e-books from various publishers that they're entitled to a credit, as a result of the legal settlements reached with various e-book publishers in antitrust lawsuits. Amazon:

Publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and Penguin have settled several antitrust lawsuits about eBook prices that were brought by a coalition of state Attorneys General, and by a Plaintiff Class. Amazon is not a party to these lawsuits. Under the settlements, the publishers have provided funds for credits that will be applied directly to accounts of eligible customers. The account credits will appear automatically and can be used to purchase any Kindle book or print books sold by

The credit you receive will vary, depending on how many Kindle books you bought, whether they were best sellers, and whether you were a Minnesota resident (their case was settled separately).

I managed to get an astonishing $3.90 out of the settlement, but I can't complain. A friend of mine scored a whopping 67 cents out of the deal. That's a class action settlement for you.

How about you? Did you get an e-mail from Amazon this morning? How much credit did you get? Let me know in the comments.

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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

abazoe says:

~$50, and I did exactly what I'm sure Amazon was hoping I would do: instantly bought a pile of books with it.

projectman says:

To abazoe I say, "Wow! Congrats." You must buy/read a lot of ebooks.

Seeker2787 says:

I got $4.38. I plan on putting it towards something soon just not sure what.

iSRS says:

Nothing yet, though most of my eBooks are purchased from iTunes.

zerog46 says:

Man I got $0.73. I can't wait to pick out a good book.

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RichD says:

My wife's the reader and we got $21.17.

cwbcpa says:

I received $3.90. In don't much anymore. I'll pick something up though.

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Frank Cavaliero says:

I received my massive .73 today, been busy trying to figure out how I am going to spend my windfall....

captobie says:

$2.91. With 471 books in my Kindle library I was kinda expecting a little more, but I guess I wasn't buying the "right" books. :)

tlo07 says:

I didn't get anything from Amazon but I got $51.95 back from Barnes and Noble.

captobie says:

When did you hear from B&N? I haven't heard anything from them yet. I've got plenty of Nook books too, it will be interesting to compare how much I receive from them.

captobie says:

I guess I just needed to be patient... $27.28 from B&N vs. 2.91 from Amazon. I guess I must have bought more bestsellers from B&N.

tlo07 says:

I'm surprised I haven't heard from Amazon. I only bought 33 books from B&N but have bought 177 from Amazon.

cerebasan says:

Yes I received $19.60!!!!!

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amoskind says:

I received $18.64

Will definitely use it soon.

sfwrtr says:

$9.36 - Just short of the price of a Kindle book.

Pirate Arr says:


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jasontromm says:

I got almost $15, and promptly spent most of it on a new Kindle book this morning.

haggisgirl says:

$31.18 Didn't realize I read that much.

MadCityDad says:

$0.73 baby!! Oh well I use iBooks anyway.

tdwatts3 says:

Just checked with Amazon and I get nada. I have over 160 kindle books in my library, but apparently I don't read the right books.

Debbem says:

$47.24, which I spent already.

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Whitney Irvine says:

Is it embarrassing that I got a little over $100? Yes, it is.