App Review: eWallet for the iPhone

eWallet, from Ilium Software, is now available in the iTunes App Store for $4.99 with a desktop version for Mac OSX coming soon, according to Ilium.

Ilium Software offers their popular eWallet app for Palm, Windows Mobile Pro and Windows Mobile Smartphone. Now, you can have this useful app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

How does eWallet for the iPhone measure up? Read on for the full review!

Credit cards, bank accounts, memberships, passwords, PIN numbers, health information -- I'm a bit ashamed to admit that this is the kind of information I used to store unsecured in Memos on my Palm or, more recently, as a Note on my iPhone. Now, I've stepped up my game and am trying eWallet.

First Impressions

eWallet for the iPhone is an easy and convenient way to store your ridiculous number of passwords, email accounts, PIN numbers, credit card numbers, security questions, and more. Rather than risk my sensitive unsecured information falling in the wrong hands, I can instead create virtual cards with eWallet and store them securely on my iPhone.

The app is fairly easy to use, complete with Get Started for help, Sample Cards, and more samples to choose from. The interface is simple to use and it's great to make virtual cards to store all my personal data. 

Filling Your Wallet

With eWallet, you first must create a new "wallet" for storing your data. You can name it whatever you wish. Once a wallet is created, you assign a password to protect the data you are about to store in your wallet. Create different wallets for different categories of data, if you wish. For example, create a Credit Card wallet for all your credit cards, a Bank Accounts wallet for your bank accounts, etc. For security, eWallet provides 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands, even if your iPhone does.

After assigning a password, you can begin making virtual cards. For example, if you want to store a credit card in your wallet, you can create a virtual card complete with all your credit card data: credit card number, expiration dates, name as it appears on your card, PIN number, verification number, contact phone number, security questions, and more. After creation, you can edit your card information by tapping the "gear" icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

eWallet allows for quite a bit of customization for your virtual cards. There are several different formats to choose from, from credit cards to your driver's license, from health numbers to insurance policies. Customization doesn't end with the type of card or data you can input. eWallet gives you other options, like selecting the color for your card, the type of icon displayed on the card face, gloss effects and rounded corners. You can even select a photo from your iPhone as the background.

Whatever your data may be, it's very likely that eWallet has a way for you to store it securely on your iPhone. If you are a Windows user, good news -- you can download a desktop version so you can backup and sync your eWallet wallets to your PC. If you are a Mac user, like me, you have to wait a bit longer for a Mac desktop version. Ilium informed me that it's coming soon, so I'm looking forward to adding that feature when it's available.

Final Thoughts

I like what Ilium Software has done here with eWallet for the iPhone. It's a must-have app for me and is FAR better than keeping my data in Notes. The only negative for me is the lack of a desktop version for my Mac, so I'm anxious for that to be available. Otherwise, eWallet is an excellent way to store your personal data securely while providing easy and convenient access when you need the information. At only $4.99, it's an easy choice.


  • Simple interface and easy to use
  • 256-bit AES encryption security
  • Create several wallets
  • Customizable cards for all types of data


  • No Mac desktop for syncing and backup


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Reader comments

App Review: eWallet for the iPhone


what is the real point of this? why would I want to put all my credit card information if I carry the cards in my wallet? I understand that its a security thing where you have available to you.. but why put it there in the first place..
really doesn't make sense..

Excellent program! Been using the WM version for a long time. The developer is pretty cool too. I bought this program (prior to desktop syncing) when it first came out. When I updated because the developer added syncing it erased all the wallet data on the phone. Long story short the developer sent me a key for the desktop version and I used an older wallet from an older smartphone and resynced to my iphone. Saved my bacon having to reenter all that data manually!

usman: Because you can put your web passwords, other notes, software serial numbers, bank account information (which you may not have in your wallet), etc.

Have you looked at SplashId? It costs a little more for the same features, and has a desktop version that can sync both ways.

i'd recommend splashID too... Btw, the Desktop version is free if already purchased with the PalmOS app!

I had SplashID and it was so damn buggy, I dumped it after two days of pointless data entry. It was not very easy to customize cards and the organizational system was incomprehensible. So, even if it hadn't been crashing every ten minutes or so, I wouldn't have been able to find my very safe data. (Very safe because it wasn't saved and couldn't be found, I suppose)
I bought eWallet the next day and have had very little problem with it. Half the price and so much easier to navigate.

Ewallet is "ok". It's missing some features that are in my favorite wallet program (SPB Wallet, but sadly they don't make software for the iPhone..).
Here are the features that I would like:
Feature Requests:

  • Ability to have cards based on templates be updated when changes are made to templates. IE, when you change a template, all cards based on that template get the changes.
  • Ability to add/remove fields on template. Renaming fields is not always sufficient.
  • Ability to re-arrange fields on template, both on the “card face” and fields outside of the “card”. This would include the ability to move a field up and down, for example.
  • Ability to change font/color of fields and field names.
  • More choices for field types (Proper Case fields, Radio Buttons, Pull Down menus, etc). For radio buttons and pull down fields, ability to modify choices.
  • Ability to use Firefox as well as/instead of IE in the desktop client. “Autopass” functionality can be implemented via Firefox plugins.
  • Multi-user support for the desktop client. A master password could be assigned for the main Wallet, but have access to categories controlled by users/groups. Integration into Active Directory would be a plus. Ok, I know I’m reaching on this one, but man, would it be nice.

David F.

"usman: Because you can put your web passwords, other notes, software serial numbers, bank account information (which you may not have in your wallet), etc."
I don't wan't all this data stored in one place!

I am a former WM Ewallet user, and decided to go with Memengo Wallet this time around. It is two bucks and syncs with a browser enabled site. All is encrypted, so far so good. I am just tired of paying for the same desktop program over and over again.

If you lose your wallet.... do you have all those numbers memorized? I don't like putting all that information in one place either. But the possibility that something might happen to my wallet or ME... I'd like for my family to be able to have access to all that information to help.

I like the product and have used on my desktop and a Windows Mobile phone for years. My big issue is that you have to be on the same wireless subnet for it to work. I'm using it on a corporate iPhone and desktop and our wirelss network is on a seperate subnet fro my computer. So I can't get a sync setup. Guess I'll have spend $40 more dollars and buy a USB wireless device for the desktop and set up an Adhoc wireless network.

After three years of entering data into eWallet there is still no desktop application for the Mac, despite Illium's claim that "it's just about to be released"? WTW? If all they did was make a way to export to a .csv or .xls file, I'd be happy.