Atebits Speaks: Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone Coming Soon


Tweetie 2.0 is one hotly anticipated Twitter client update, and developer Atebits has finally let the lid off just what features users can expect:

  • iPhone 3.x only
  • Full persistence
  • Full offline mode
  • Drafts manager
  • Send drafts to Birdhouse
  • Link Twitter contacts to Address Book
  • Threaded conversations
  • Nearby integrated with imbedded maps
  • Geotagging support
  • Saved searches to sync with and Tweetie Mac
  • @people picker
  • Recent hashtags
  • Multiple attachments manager
  • Peek gesture for replies
  • Landscape support
  • Profile editing
  • Improved gesture shortcuts
  • imbedded email
  • New-style re-tweet support
  • Refresh all on launch
  • TextExpander support
  • Read it Longer and Instapaper integration
  • Go-to-User, searches autocomplete
  • In reply TwitLonger
  • Reply chain list view
  • Short URL preview
  • Tweet translation
  • Block/follow from multiple accounts

And -- wait for it -- Atebits claims it's kept Tweetie's trademark iPhone-like UI concept:

Every single one of these features fits naturally into the user interface, none adds unnecessary complexity. It’s arguably even simpler than Tweetie 1, all while being vastly more powerful.

While Tweetie 2 for Mac will be a free upgrade, Tweetie 2 for iPhone will be offered as a new app for $2.99. It's been submitted to Apple, so all that's left is the approval process.

Rene Ritchie

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There are 29 comments. Add yours.

Pete says:

Won't it be a free update to those who already know Tweetie 1??

J. Danny says:

Good Thing I use Twittelator, FREE Updates always, they won't make you buy a whole new app the ends up costing me 6$ for functionality that most Twitter apps have had forever.

J. Danny says:

@Pete you're out of luck, he's making you buy another app.

Zak Saber says:

wow. and I still don't like Tweetie. Boring interphase, much better twitter clients, I read the details for the update and ........ yeah nothing exciting. They should of supported landscape months ago. and Push Notifications? I'm aware of other apps falling into place as pushing out tweets but in this Tweetie 2.0 how about built in push? Guess not.

jasonact says:

I've used Twittelator, Echofon, Twitterific, and Tweetdeck, but I keep coming back to Tweetie. It simply fits me better, and I am very excited about 2.0. Frankly, as I was reading through the full description on Atebits' blog, I started to think that this would probably be a whole new app. It's essentially rebuilt from the ground up while adding almost every feature I can imagine, and a few I never imagined. So I wasn't surprised at all when I saw I was right. You really have to think of it as a completely different app that happens to look and feel very similar to the original.
Sure, it may not have landscape (which I don't use that much) or push notification (which requires some major server integration), but IMO, the benefits far outweigh those drawbacks.

jasonact says:

Oops! Correction:
Gizmodo claims that Tweetie 2.0 DOES have Push Notification. Awesome!

Macpug says:

TextExpander support!! w00t!!! No more back and forth, copy and paste. SWEET!!!

Chris Vitek says:

I like Tweetie a lot, and I don't mind paying for a new version now and then. But I don't want to pay for every update version. Was tweetie ever given a big update for free?

iShirk says:

People still use twitter? Oh.. thought that died out months ago haha

LonerATO says:

I am kind of pissed that Atebits is charging those of us that bought Tweetie. I think I fell kind of short changed in that all other Twitter apps gave updates often and free. I guess I will stick to just plain Tweetie or use a different Twitter app.

Varche says:

Ditto. I paid for Tweetie and pretty much only expected to pay for the client once so I do feel s little short changed. Should name it something else if he's going to sell it as a new app.

Dwaine says:

I for one is sure going to buy it, the first moment it comes out. £1.79 ($2.99) for christ sake. most other twiter app cost more than that. I think the new functionality is well worth it. You can't expect to pay such a low price and expect free updates for life. Developing code takes time, effort and money and they should be paid for their efforts.

Drake says:

I'm excited for this! It's worth the 3 bucks so don't complain. Geez.

cardfan says:

I wonder about people who pay like 3 bucks for something and expect free updates for life. Wonder why he's not doing the in-app pricing? Or is it? Apple doesn't take part of that right?

BSmith4832 says:

Hmm... I was really excited to see this article considering I've used so many different clients but still come back to Tweetie every time. However, I was really expecting a free update... you know, like almost every other developer out there. I'm sure I'll end up paying for it regardless of my bitching... lol, it is only $3.

Memnautikus says:

F%#K atebits!!! I dont see why we have to pay for update. I'll go with another nit worth it.

Paul says:

WTH is up with charging us again?? Bastards! I bought their app, supported them a few months back, and now, I am gonna be dipped again. F^&k you Tweetie and Atebits, Eff you! Tweetdeck FTW!

Pinny says:

It would be nice if they gave tweetie 1 for free over the next couple days. I would try it if it was free, and if I liked it, I would buy tweetie 2.

Al says:

Tweetie is far and away the best twitter client on the iPhone. I always thought that $2.99 was a steal. I'll gladly drop another 3 bills for this app. I am a little bit disappointed that @mentions and DMs are not pushed because I've been holding off on purchasing Boxcar for awhile for that one reason. When all is said and done, they deserve another $3 (or more) for this upgrade.

TX Mike says:

Maybe Tweetie should offer the new version for free for the first 2-3 days of launch and initially only notify their existing Twits via a tweet so they can upgrade before the 2.99 price takes effect.

Megarain says:

I'm kinda pissed about paying FULL price for a new verson. Why not just a paid update. A lower price for all us tweetie faithful?

sarbour says:

I just bought Echofon Pro last week because I was tired to wait for Tweetie's push notification...
They should have informed us better (I went on their website before switching and there was no information about a new Iphone version) of what was coming... They lost my 3$...

TosaDeac says:

Guess I might as well wait for this new version instead of buying Tweetie now. Now that he has announced a new version and it will be considered a "new" app but also have all the functionality of the "original" it is making that first version obsolete soon and a poor choice to purchase. Of course the vast majority of App Store buyers don't read blogs first to realize there is a newer version in the pipeline!

fastlane says:

There's no need for people who are considering Tweetie 1 to learn of version 2 from blogs. Tweetie warns people to "hang tight" if they can for version 2 at the very top of the app's description. If people don't read it, it's their own fault.

Dave says:

Have you tried using Twitdar? It's not a replacement for Tweetie, but a pretty nifty Twitter/GPS integration. It can send updates of your GPS location in regular intervals that you can set yourself.

DavoteK says:

Lot of bitches in here, lol. Great app, worth more than the asking price.

venasque says:

LOL, come on people, it's $2.99. Lets try to keep come perspective here, I can't even get a tall Starbucks for that price. All the things to complain about in the world, the cost of an iphone app is not worth the time.

music says:

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