How to download all of your old Tweets and archive them

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Twitter might be dying before our very eyes. If you want to save your memories and tweets from the platform, here's how to download all of your tweets by archiving your data. 

How to archive your tweets

On desktop, head to the Settings and Privacy menu in the left-hand hamburger menu, you'll find it under settings and support. 

Twitter menu

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Head to Your account and select "Download an archive of your data". You'll need to enter your password and verify it. Then simply select "Request archive" and you'll get a notification as to when your ZIP file is ready. 

The steps are the same on iOS and Android, just head to the settings menu on your respective apps!

How to deactivate your account

If want to remove all trace of your existence from Twitter, the same Your account section also has a "Deactivate your account" feature.

By deactivating your Twitter account, you'll kick off a 30-day window where your username and profile will disappear from public view. If you log bag in and reactivate it in that period, you can return to normal use. After 30-days without a log-in, your account will evaporate, if Twitter doesn't shut down in the meantime.  

How did it come to this?

Since buying Twitter Elon has gutted its workforce with a mass program of layoffs. However, lots of employees have also been fired for publicly criticizing the Tesla mogul, while plenty of others have left in protest. 

That includes lots of people who are responsible for running Twitter's core systems seem to have gone. On Thursday, November 17, one employee told Reuters that the app used by employees had started to slow down, and that the public version "was at risk of breaking during the night," adding that if it did break "there is no one left to fix things in many areas." Reports of Twitter outages have rocketed since Thursday evening on Downdetector. 

Can't download your Twitter archive?

You're not alone, multiple users are reporting problems with Twitter's Download Archive feature, with social media guru Matt Navarra striking out four times in the past week. 

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Plenty of respondents chimed in to concur. 

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