Apple has "fully resumed" advertising on Twitter, says Musk

Elon Musk in front of the Twitter logo
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Twitter's new owner seems to be having a bit of a back and forth with advertisers. Since Elon Musk's takeover, we've seen a bunch of advertisers drop the platform to avoid the risks that come with a platform that has questionable content moderation. However, Musk has now said that one of Twitter's key advertisers, Apple, has fullly resumed its advertising on Twitter.

This comes only days after the same questionable content moderation policies raised the possibility of Twitter getting the boot from app stores, resulting in Musk tweeting about Apple's App Store tax.

Twitter's biggest advertiser, Apple, is allegedly fully back to advertising on Twitter

A report published by Bloomberg says that Elon Musk made the comments during a Twitter Spaces conversation. He didn't elaborate on the matter, but said that Apple had "fully resumed" advertising on Twitter. Apple is Twitter's biggest advertiser, Musk also added. 

A few days ago, Elon had put out a string of tweets about Apple and even went as far as to tag Tim Cook in them. The tweets included one that noted that Apple had mostly stopped advertising on Twitter and then a few criticizing Apple's apparent censorship practices and the 30% App Store tax. 

A couple of days later, Musk tweeted out a video from Apple HQ, and added that he talked to CEO Tim Cook about Twitter's potential removal from the App Store, which he claimed Apple had never considered.

While both Apple and Tim Cook are yet to say anything on this matter publicly, Tim Cook did start following Elon on Twitter after the two met, so it's safe to assume that the Twitter-Apple relationship is fine, at least for now. Regardless, it seems like Elon will have to keep Twitter on a predictable path, especially if he wants to keep the app available on the best iPhones out there.

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