Twitter may not get to change iOS app name to 'X' due to Apple's App Store rules

Twitter's new brand name - X
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Twitter's rebrand to 'X' has been a topic of debate all week, with some being delighted at it, while many are confused because of the awkward transition. The newest snag this rebrand has hit is coming from the App Store. It appears that Twitter is unable to rename itself to X in the App Store listing because of Apple's App Store rules.

Twitter has already changed its name to X on the Google Play Store, but despite the listing page overhaul on the App Store, the name of the app itself remains Twitter. This is likely because of Apple's App Store naming guidelines.

X may need more words to change App Store name

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Nick Sheriff noted on Twitter that this snag could be a result of Apple's App Store rule that does not allow one character names. App names need to be two characters or more, which means that there currently isn't a way for Twitter to change the name to X on the App Store.

However, some apps use a subtitle after the app name, and that may be Twitter's way out of this situation. For example, YouTube is named "YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream" on the App Store, even though it doesn't need to have a subtitle. Twitter could adapt a similar naming style and go for something like "X:  The Everything App" (whatever that means), since that's the phrase being thrown around with this rebrand.

Apple hasn't bent the App Store naming guidelines for anybody since inception, and it's unlikely that X will be an exception. Even though Apple has made exceptions in other aspects, it doesn't seem like something that may happen given the whimsical nature of Twitter under the new management. 

It will be clear in the coming days what approach Twitter and Apple take. In the meantime, Twitter will remain named Twitter on the App Store on all the best iPhones out there.

Palash Volvoikar

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  • MzeeKeith
    They’ve done it it’s called X
  • Just_Me_D
    MzeeKeith said:
    They’ve done it it’s called X

    No. You can search the App Store for “X” and it will direct you to the app bearing the X logo/icon, however, the name still displays as “Twitter” therein.
  • FFR
    So Twitter is not dead?
  • Osterlaus
    Just_Me_D said:
    No. You can search the App Store for “X” and it will direct you to the app bearing the X logo/icon, however, the name still displays as “Twitter” therein.
    At least in the browser preview of the App Store, it looks like the've achieved the rebranding