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Regarding the (matte) black iPhone 7 and clickbait... er... paint complaints

Is it the (matte) black iPhone 7 that's chipped away or consumer confidence in how technology continues to be covered?

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Let iPad be iPad: Why making it a traditional computer isn't the answer

iPad empowers millions of people. It has millions of stories. Tell them.

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WebGPU and putting the web graphics pedal to the metal

Apple's open source browser team wants to bring a standard API that brings the low-level graphics and general purpose computation power of modern GPUs to the web.

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Amazon's Fire TV head now running Apple TV marketing

Timothy D. Twerdahl, formerly of Amazon, Netflix, and Roku, now running Apple TV marketing at Apple.

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The Apple Watch 'WOW' moment

Fitness is fantastic but there's one thing Apple Watch does that really feels like magic.

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Apple media vs. mainstream: How do we keep getting it wrong?

Apple had some of its worst press but some of its best results ever — why the disconnect?

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The iPad market

Apple had an incredible Q1 2017, with record-high sales of iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and services. Notable by its absence: iPad.

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It's time to admit Apple Watch is a success

A quarter million reasons why it's long past time to lose the Apple Watch cynicism.

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Breaking the Qualcomm tax

The FTC is investigating Qualcomm, and Apple is suing them. Let's follow the money...

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The problem with OLED and Touch ID on iPhone 8...

How Apple could have their OLED cake and eat their Touch ID as well.

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