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Screw the ROI: Apple should make a new MacBook Pro workstation

If Dell can make the Dell Precision 5520, why can't Apple make a MacBook that's really Pro?

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Jonathan Zdziarski goes to Apple

Security and forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski is joining Apple's Security Engineering and Architecture team. And that's a huge win for personal privacy.

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We don't respect the value of our personal data — even when they sell it

Our browsing history and other very personal data could soon be offered for sale by our ISP, without our permission, and without compensation. And we don't seem to care.

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Does Google simply not give a $#!+ about Docs spam?

Google seems not to care about Docs spam, and neither does the media — because it's not Apple?

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Siri vs. Alexa: The good, the bad... or the both?

Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa are taking different paths towards the virtual interface, but is there a benefit in walking them both?

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Why would Apple switch iPhone 8 from Lightning to USB-C?

Transitions hurt but are also the way forward — so what could make Lightning to USB-C worth the pain?

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Fail safe vs. fail secure: Backing up in the age of encryption

When it comes to encrypting your backups, is data loss or data theft your bigger threat?

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Regarding the (matte) black iPhone 7 and clickbait... er... paint complaints

Is it the (matte) black iPhone 7 that's chipped away or consumer confidence in how technology continues to be covered?

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Let iPad be iPad: Why making it a traditional computer isn't the answer

iPad empowers millions of people. It has millions of stories. Tell them.

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WebGPU and putting the web graphics pedal to the metal

Apple's open source browser team wants to bring a standard API that brings the low-level graphics and general purpose computation power of modern GPUs to the web.

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