Debug 33: Ken Ferry on Auto Layout, Passbook, and Understudy

Debug 33: Ken Ferry on Auto Layout, Passbook, and Understudy

Ken Ferry talks to Guy and Rene about his time at Apple working on Cocoa, Auto Layout, and Passbook, and his new app, Understudy, which seeks to bring mentored learning into the iPad age.

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Rene Ritchie

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Julian Rendell says:

Hi there- great podcast!
There's mention of a paper/library/algorithm about layouts, and a blog post about KVP usage in functional programming and what it can be applied to.

I've relistened a few times and just can't make out enough of the details to find these via Google. Any chance you can post what these were in the show page?

flightblog says:

Awesome podcast. Please have Ken back again soon.

There was a reference to a classic CS book and I didn't catch the name.

CumulusD says:

I believe he was referencing the SICP book. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.