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Enter now to win a Pad & Quill Field Bag or Little Pocket Book!

Hands down, some of our favorite iPad and iPhone accessories are handcrafted with love by the Pad & Quill team. I am personally fascinated by the workmanship that is poured into these creations, and admire Brian and Kari (Mr and Mrs P&Q) for not only their products, but also for sticking to the highest standards possible.

Crafted with the durability to become a family heirloom, the substantial full grain American cowhide leather, hefty twill woven waxed canvas, Baltic birch, and other fine materials in these products are each chosen specifically for their fine qualities. You would be hard pressed to find anything close to matching the attention to detail you'll find from Pad & Quill.

Here is your chance to win an immaculately crafted piece from Pad & Quill. We have two different prizes available for our readers this week.

The Field Bag - A portrait styled carry all with American full grain leather, 18 oz waxed canvas and held together with parachute grade UV resistant stitching. Tons of pockets and lined with our signature orange for finding your stuff and a tribute to World Vision. Each bag signed by person who made It!

Little Pocket Book for iPhone - Artfully protects your favorite device and leaves plenty of space for cash and credit cards. A simple, and dare we say, essential, tool that bundles your must-haves so you can unburden your pockets.

To enter, leave a comment below and let us know which one of these awesome Pad & Quill creations you'd most love to call your own and why. We'll pick two winners next week (one for each item) and announce it here on the blogs! Normal iMore contest rules apply! Good luck everyone!

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 390 comments. Add yours.

ljy1 says:

I would like to win The Field Bag! The leather skin is just so tempting and attractive! and with its multi pocket interior, i can fit everything i needed for class perfectly!

yocubed says:

The field bag would be great. I could use it for my laptop and other gadgets. That and I don't have an iPhone

East says:

I'd love the field bag because I literally use a beanie to put my iPad in right now, lol. Being able to have space for my MacBook would be great as well.

soundlessnut says:

I'd love a pocket book for my 5s. Had one for my 4s and they're hands down the best wallet combo around

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jdlumagbas says:

I have been wanting a new bag for my iPad and other necessities. The field bag would certainly fit the bill!

krans97 says:

The field bag is classy! fits my iPad mini and other accessories.

Ventus221 says:

I would love the The Fieldbag. It would be a nice bag to carry my gear in.

GreggyP00 says:

The Field Bag would make an excellent gift for my wife. She can't be without her iPhone and iPad. Pretty stylish way to hold both!

bossmaat says:

Oh gosh I'd love to have both. One for my iPhone and one for my iPad. But if I really need to choose between the two I'll pick the Field Bag. I can put all of my things there and it has a lot of pockets which I really look for in bags. I love numerous pockets because I want everything organized and I think the Field Bag definitely suits my needs.

vneda says:

The Little Pocketbook would be awesome to have. It's a really good piece of work.

Sent from the iMore App

iphonefive says:

I love pocket book for my awesome iPhone 5s . It's the best phone in the world . Morever it looks cool with special pocket book

Sent from the iMore App

zdn1042 says:

The Field Bag looks amazing and I think it would definitely add some badly needed style points to my getup. I also love that it has a lot of pockets so I can keep all my stuff and still keep them organized.

Gsarfin says:

I want a field bag, to carry all my tech gear.

Sent from the iMore App

Trent Lindgren says:

The field bag looks like a great piece of kit!

christyxcore says:

I would love the Field Bag! I love how it looks and it would be a great way to tote around my stuff for work :)

Alex Ander1 says:

I would like the 'Pad & Quill' Field Bag as I have been looking for a bag specifically made for the iPad in general and haven't found one quite like this .I need the bag ,not want the bag as I need a pass into the world of stylishness and being organised would help me a lot as I'm studying at college but even because of them reasons I would still give this bag for my dads 54th birthday , but still the stylishness side still applies to him too .

alokeprasad says:

The field bag would be the perfect gift for my college-bound son.

Jdkist1 says:

I would love the field bag - that would be wonderful.
As I pastor, I alway have the iPad with me, this would be a great help!

rosalesj says:

The field bag looks amazing, I would like to add that for my laptop and books I carry around on the train.

barryjcostello says:

I would love the Pad & Quill field bag as I am about to embark on my life long dream of going to medical school to become a doctor. It would be perfect for carrying my day to day essentials such as books, my journal and iPad. It would also provide me with a more desired professional image, but most importantly with comfort and quality. I know that no matter what I will need a bag that can stand up to the rigours of everyday use for a long time, and given the meticulous design that has gone into making this bag, I know that I would be getting exactly that and more; I would be getting a bag for life. And hopefully the bag that carried all of my study books and saw me through five years of medical school; will one day carry my stethoscope :)

agarwal.apar says:

I would love to have a Field Bag. It looks meticulously crafted bag with a nice leather texture wrapped on the flap and at the bottom. Also, as shown in the picture above, the area which comes beneath the flap is covered with natural leather it seems as it's giving rugged look which has added so much of statement to it! Gimme that bag Michelle :)

Zkingb says:

Field Bag - seems like there is no better companion for a new MacBook Pro!

Raven45 says:

Either one would be awesome. But I would get more use out of the field bag (for iPad and camera equipment).

marklroper says:

Field bag would be fantastic. When my wife and I go hiking around the Derbyshire dales it would nice to have a quality bag like this to carry my pad and other bits and bobs.

xx_Popeye_xx says:

My wife would love the field bag. She goes through 6 or 7 purses a month. This one is too big this one is too small this one doesn't have the right straps. There was a purse she stuck with for 2 months BUT had to stop using because the seams started to ripp. Can't find one like it since. Until now. And that looks like it. If we win and prove to be correct, it doesn't matter how much it costs I will buy her another when that one wears out.

MrJustastic says:

The field bag look awesome.
There's a bit of a love for bags in this household though.. No Pad & Quill ones yet, but that could be the Australian factor

Jesse Madrid says:

Being a guy I am truly fascinated by the field bag, I currently travel Airports all over each week for work and can't wait to show it off as my carry on bag:)

hakuroji says:

The Field bag is something I would love to own and put to good use...useful for me in so many ways and something that would last for a long time.

Juliangcq says:

Field bag for my Macbook Pro!!!

Nathy_Dre says:

The pad & quill field bag is quiet fascinating to look at, I especially love the brown leather strap because brown has been my favorite colour for bags and the grey mix just gives this bag a sublime finish. I own a bag that I can also describe as a field bag but this is way cooler and classy too.

jerrinorris says:

Please! I carry a MacBook Air, iPad Air, iPad Mini and sometimes up to 3 more iPads with me as a sales rep. I need this bag!

FarhanKholia says:

I love to have a Field Bag for my classy Ipad Ratina to carry with me in my office.
This is definitely something different to handle.

rockerchick says:

I'd love the field bag. It would be great to carry my first new computer in 7 years in it. rMPB 13" will soon be mine and how sweet it would be to keep it nicely tucked away in this little beauty?!?! Very nice it would be I say!

rbaker507 says:

Never thought I'd say "I want a pocket book", but I want the pocket book for my iPhone 5!

abaggy says:

The field bag would be perfect for my iPad.

Sent from the iMore App

helio9965 says:

I would like the Field Bag because I like handmade leather look and also it's a great size for travelling.

djayme7 says:

the field bag so it can stay filled in the field bag.

soxfangary says:

I'd love the field bag! How smart I would look on job interviews! They hire me just because of the field bag alone!

Marcraz says:

The Field bag. It's soooo classy

Sent from the iMore App

Ian Maragakis says:

I'd choose the excellent field bag. A combination of classic craft and materials, designed for today's people. I'll carry safely my MacBook, along with my other stuff, in an elegant bag.
Can't help it.

bbnexus says:

The field bag would be great for those times I need to lug my iPad and all my work stuff to meetings. Great looking and obviously well built.

steinergstaad says:

The bag looks just great!

Sent from the iMore App

PopeJamal says:

I don't need either, I just want the world to be a better place. Smile! :)

Remi says:

I would love The Field Bag mostly for my laptop and iPad mini. This bag is awesome! Hopefully I get to take it home with me! ☺️

Sent from the iMore App

strider117 says:

Field Bag! Been looking at one of these for a while now. I would get more use out of the bag as I would be replacing the Little Pocket Book when the new iPhone comes out.

piscotikus says:

I'd love the little book. Thanks!

mohawk apple says:

I'll take the field bag to carry my sons iPod/iPad and my MacBook Pro! Thanks imore

erichof says:

Hands down... one of THE best companies IN the USA who make hand made objects of perfection for the "i" family! Would love to be the proud owner of a FIELD BAG!

bgriff25 says:

The more I use my MacBook Pro the more I want to take it with me. The Field Bag looks like a great way to be able to do that. Being a bit pricey, it's not something I would purchase myself so if iMore would help me out I would appreciate it.

golfgal says:

I would be perfectly delighted to win the Little Pocket Book for my iPhone 5S! I have contemplated purchasing this Pad and Quill case ever since I read a review of it on here. I love carrying my cards in my phone case to avoid having to carry a purse. How lovely that you have two Pad and Quill items to give away! They look perfectly luscious to me!

Trugenius9 says:

Would love the new field bag! Would help take my MacBook Pro to work in class and style!

Ace Pagaddu says:

When I was young back in my native country of the Philippines, to save money my grandmother would stitch me my own linen bag for school. Some parts of the bag were crafted by these sun dried leaves that was then waxed to make it hard and sturdy but still look fashionable. She knows how much I love fashion. The field bag reminds me of this similar bag I used to go to school too that my grandma made for me. Id love to win it in her memory.

Gary Potocki says:

The field bag would be the one for me. Gadgets are apart of my everyday life now using them for photography, reading, web browsing, drawing, work, updating my journal, blogging etc etc all on the go. The bag looks cool and a perfect companion to keep all my gadgets in one place.

Sent from the iMore App

305mp07 says:

I will love the field bag. It should be great to carry my iPad. Right now my its kinda broken.

duders17 says:

I would be elated to win the field bag! I would carry two iPads around in it.
I have been looking for a stylish bag and this is IT!
I love it sleek cool and hip, please pick me please :))

emanwis says:

I would like the field bag to keep my new iPad Air and accessories.

CharlieHorse says:

I would love the field bag - good-looking and very practical!

rk249 says:

The field bag, coz field bag is BEST!

photyograph says:

just bought my very first ipad mini, it's perfect for my space gray ipad. i can use it both for works and to school... dayum 6 days straight i've to work and school :|

roestom says:

The field bag would be awesome to travel with as I help people in developing countries start small businesses to feed their families.

Chad_Mobley says:

The Field Bag. The leather on top of the waxed canvas makes for such a great look and amazing durability. Pad and Quill make some great quality products, this is just one of them.

dmt316 says:

I would love the field bag. It looks absolutely beautiful. Ty guys for running such awesome contests

jb305 says:

I would be delighted to win the Little Pocket Book for my iPhone 5S As I think it has a bit of panache about it, it’s the sort of item that people will ask where you got it from , and I would take great delight in telling them, about a high quality product such as the pocket book

bhmbill says:

The field bag would be mu choice it is a classic, heirloom design and most useful.

Aaron Phelan says:

The field bag would be perfect. I'm looking for a new bag at the minute and came across this one and fell in love with it, but I haven't got that sort of money for a bag. I love the style of it, I'm a big fan of brown leather, plus the size and practicality of it is perfect!

nickthewhale says:

The Field Bag, A new bag for a new job.

myerscb says:

I would like the field bag.

Caspian#IM says:

The Field Bag for me. They look great. I didn't know this company existed until now.

scnault says:

The Field Bag. As a teacher, it is time to downsize my bag since I rarely bring home papers anymore - mostly grading student work on my iPad. #lessgerms

zues123 says:

My son is to be field epidemiologist very soon. He is also a avid apple product user.
I see this bag on him, it is durable and practical.
I see it fit into his life as he travels to different parts of the world just to discover how to keep us safe another day

Sent from the iMore App

ParadigmUSA says:

I'd like the Field Bag because that waxed canvas and leather combo looks really sleek and the ability to tote around all of my gadgets and items in a nice, compact bag would be ideal for me.

Sent from the iMore App

HopHead33 says:

The field bag looks awesome. I dont have to lug around my laptop anymore, it would be perfect for an iPad

John Dorado says:

I'll take the Field Bag for my Macbook please!

burkeyc says:

I would love The Field Bag! I am hopefully transitioning to a new position and my current backpack laptop bag is not very professional looking.

iflyinmysi says:

The field bag because I don't have one. Thanks

surenderjhakra9999 says:


argiris says:

The Field Bag looks really cool!

nogutsnoglory says:

Would love the Pad and Quill bag for work. As an attorney who is often on the road, this would be a truly unique way to transport my MacBook Pro to meetings. Unlike any other I have seen.

hturtle says:

would love the bag please, will help me out at scout camp later in the year

gdruin74 says:

the field bag would be great for my everyday needs.

Michael Narciso says:

I would love the Field Bag because I am the poor schmo who works in an office with really stylish people. If I win this bag, I finally get to wear something that makes people go "Ooooh" rather than "oh".

DikaiaKnight says:

I would love the bag. I'm a sucker for products made of high grade leather. There are few materials I think look as nice! Awesome products all around.

bradcah says:

I would love the Field Bag! It's stylish enough to carry day-to-day, but sturdy enough to take a beating and come out looking good. Thanks iMore!

GadgetRich says:

It would be cool to win the Field Bag! My wife is always getting new handbags & I'm feeling left out :-(

jmorris1974 says:

I would love to have the field bag. I need to upgrade my commuter bag to something a bit more stylish and durable.

sir17reeder says:

I would love to win one of those I've looked at them before and the only thing holding me back from getting one is the price tag please pick me for he bag!

Sent from the iMore App

Ronno971 says:

I would love the Field Bag. I have always been a huge fan of the look, design and quality of the Pad & Quill products. I am man enough to admit, my wife won't let me buy one. There, I said it!

Jayne Mansfield says:

The little black pad looks perfect for a minimalist like me.

zebulun12 says:

I'd love to have the Little Pocket Book for iPhone because it solves two situations I have when I move around through the day: carrying my iPhone 5s and my wallet. Now I can combine both into one great looking leather case and eliminate the bulk.

Sent from the iMore App

chasem says:

I'd like The Field. Looks like a solid bag to hold what I need

hartill says:

I'd love the field bag. I have a job that keeps me on the run (even if the pay is kind of poor) and it would be extraordinary to have something that'll keep all of my gadgets and still have that extraordinary Pad &Quill hand craftsmanship.

ArlMar says:

The Field Bag would be great to have! We travel a lot, and it looks like the perfect carry-on for planes - plus it's beautifully made.

ejraney says:

Would love the little pocket book for my iPhone 5s.

Sent from the iMore App

gordol says:

I'd like the bag, please. My current daily carry bag is getting rather disheveled and it's nearing time to replace it.


Field bag would be perfect. I can lug around My MacBook & iPad.

rj5570 says:

The Field Bag!!!!!! my bag is holding together by 2 D rings...grrrrr. I need a new bag badly!!! and this one would be awesome. its so beautiful, and what a better way to walk to work than with an Indiana Jones style bag! :)

lisardo vivas says:

I'll love to have THE FIELD BAG. I'm always on the move and this will be great to put my iPad iphone and all my accessories. It's also very smart to go to meetings with.
Please I want it.

Sent from the iMore App

sanibel says:

I think I'll look quite attractive with the Field Bag over my shoulder. Thanks in advance :)

TokyoAce says:

Little Pocket Book looks great!

bioadam says:

Nice bag. It's the perfect size and looks sharp.

csd says:

I would definitely like the Field Bag.
I travel a lot and currently have a Kensington bag that is also a portrait orientation bag. I love the design but it is lacking style, craftsmanship, and pockets. Despite that, I still get questions about it all the time in airports.
If I won the P&Q Field Bag, I would become a walking advertisement for them. I would love having a functional bag like that with more pockets, style, & craftsmanship that will last decades rather than just a couple years.

Tetsuo893 says:

I would love to win the field bag! Looks like the perfect size for my sketchbooks, pens and trusty iPad Air :)

Illustrator Joe says:

The Field Bag. I mean look at that thing, IT'S AWESOME! I need a new over the shoulder bag. My wife borrowed and misplaced mine... :(

markafrazier says:

The Field Bag, I like it because you can carry all your items in a cool looking bag.

benjamin.a.j says:

The Field Bag just oozes class. Who wouldn't want one?

maikeroo says:

The field bag looks like a great way to carry an iPad!

Sent from the iMore App

ThePinkChameleon says:

I currently have the Little Pocket book for my 5C and the craftsmanship is outstanding....I would love to add a field bag from them to carry my iPad Air, 5C and other necessary items needed on a daily basis in style!!

Corel8 says:

I would be so honoured to own the Field Bag. I have read several reviews of this bag because I am in the market for the perfect bag. I'm pretty sure that this work of art is THE one. I've seen others that cost more, but I don't think that they can compare to this one. Stunningly beautiful in a practical way.

cpencik says:

I'm starting a new public charter school in DC this year that puts a premium on natural materials. Our tables are wood. Our glasses are made of glass. And the guy running the place has a beat up, 4 year old, NYLON Timbuktu bag that just doesn't fit in. I want that P&Q bag!

c_green38 says:

I'd love to have the Field bag. That would be a great way to just bring my iPad mini, iPhone, chargers, and maybe a physical notebook around for a day trip or something. Plus, it looks like it'd take quite a beating over many years before coming close to giving up.

Silentradar says:

I am a teacher and EdTech researcher. I am really excited about starting to speak and lecture about game-based learning and using iPads and technology in elementary education. I typically carry my MacBook Pro and my iPad with me EVERYWHERE - they are integral tools for my work. Recently, my old bag fell apart on me and I have been struggling to find something that will meet all my needs, maintain a sense of style, and also be top-quality. I would LOVE the Pad & Quill Field bag as I think it meets all those criteria.

ankhx100 says:

The Field Bag looks mighty stylish and it will be great as I transition from a grad student to teaching. Thanks for running this contest! ヽ( ^ヮ^)ノ

cal919 says:

The field bag looks like a great way to haul my tech stuff around. I like the look, the over the shoulder strap and the heavy duty leather bottom. Please pick me!

baloghjz says:

I really like the field bag! That would be great for use out in the field when I'm working to carry my iPad mini, pens, notebook, and camera.

georojas says:

Sign me up for the Little Pocket Book for iPhone

kfsanders says:

I would be delighted to have a field bag to use for many years to come. I've always been impressed by Pad & Quill but simply so not have the resources to purchase one. Having just finished my Masters I am quite broke, and yet, I am in need of a lovely bag for daily use! Kind regards, Kevin.

Linda Marchand says:

Wow the field bag is beautiful, I have a bit of a bag fettish and would love to carry my iPad mini in it, but being a mom I would probably give it to my daughter who is going away to college.

thedzfamily says:

Would love the PocketBook for my 5s. Previously had one for my 4s. Great, well-made case.

Oystein Roysi says:

I'd be happy to win either, but the field bag would have been awesome! Thanks!:)

Sent from the iMore App

peterb77 says:

Such a hard decision. I still use my old army messenger bag from 1997 and it has served me well but it has seen better days. On the other hand my iphone is bare and I think the case would complement it.

I think I'll decide on the field bag. That is one nice looking bag.

Sent from the iMore App

Merivigian says:

I love the quality of the Field bag, it's so rare to find hand made things anymore, which is quiet sad. It's beautiful! I could use a bag for my college classes, I wouldn't have to carry my iPad on top of my notebooks anymore.

Barry Ronk says:

My desire for the field bag knows no bounds! I would carry it from city to country across war zones and to watering holes. It would complete me.

PeekyChew says:

I've never seen this many comments before. I'd like the pocket book please.

Sent from the iMore App

mikedshaffer says:

Like them both! Hope I'm a winner.....

phreddyl says:

the field bag is really nice- Would definitely put it to good use

Spectre says:

I'd love the field bag. It would make it easy for my wife and I to travel with our electronics stored in one place.

howl078 says:

I would love to win The Field Bag. The design is reminiscent of the past, a touch of ancient times; a bag carried by Kings on horsebacks. I love the blue color and would name mine Fields of Blue.

bluewizard says:

I would love The Field Bag. I like how its a nice classy look and not super big. I am moving more towards traveling with what I need and not to carry the world. This would be a well used bag for me.

webbie2 says:

I like the Little Pocket Book for iPhone. I don't have very many accessories and I would like a case for this.

nickpthemft says:

Field bag, please! Need something for work :)

durbin007 says:

The Little Pocket Book would be awesome for my 5s. Protection and utility.

andyokc says:

The Field Bag is amazing! I just bought a MBP Retina and am in desperate need of something stylish-yet-functional in which to transport it.

pl812 says:

I would like the Field Bag as it looks quite handsome and distinctive is the perfect match for my MacBook Pro. It's old world charm matched with bleeding edge technology is a combination that can't be beat!

jhtechservices says:

I would like to enter for the field bag. It looks so classy and would be a great way to carry my ipad and also some other things like a charger and my phone. Thanks for the contest!

bgl321 says:

I'd love to win the Field Bag. It would make a great gift for my wife. Pad and Quill products are high quality!

Juggularity says:

I desperately need a bag that is more Indiana Jones and less purse than my current bag. The Field Bag would fit the bill nicely and look awesome with my Australian Outback hat.

brh03 says:

I would love the Pad & Quill Field Bag. Stylish and classy without going full DB on a leather bag.

jasonprice says:

I would really like the Field Bag. Ive been searching for the perfect bag for a while now, and this one just might be it.

kidoco says:

I really think it's time we start appreciating well made products again. Cheap is not always good and well made doesn't have to mean expensive.

seandre300O says:

Would love the Field Bag! My briefcase is wearing out and I've been looking for a replacement.

leocapot says:

The Little Pocket Book is awesome. I would love to win one. Thanks

Susan Brennan says:

I would be happy with either bag. Those bags look very useful and sturdy. My devices would be happy in their new homes.

MBA11 says:

Field bag would be nice to have. Pad and Quill such fantastic well made products.

dgbrock says:

Harder than winning this contest will be deciding which to choose when I do. They're both great!

gvndeb60 says:

Field Bag please, I have been eyeing a smaller bad that I can grab and load up quickly.

Heckface says:

Both? :-P Both great products. I have had my eye on their messenger bag but for free I'd be ecstatic to get the field bag. Sign me up for the field bag please!

Tommy says:

The Little Pocket Book would be awesome!

cgdconsulting4u says:

The Field Bag: It is the ultimate "Man Purse" that I wouldn't feel funny carrying.

SkottM says:

I'd like to have that Field bag. It looks so well-made, and comfortable to wear. I'd throw my notebook and math book in it, and head off to class!

CharlesandMelissa Diamond says:

I have always wanted one of those cases for my phone

Sent from the iMore App

CharlesandMelissa Diamond says:

iPhone case always have liked those

Sent from the iMore App

CharlesandMelissa Diamond says:

iPhone case always have liked those

Sent from the iMore App

bodmasny says:

Jus what I need for my new MacbookPro. Keep the good work!!!

train21reb says:

I would definitely love to have the field bag. I just got an iPad mini and my current laptop bag doesn't have space to carry it along with my 13" laptop. At least, without putting them side by side and causing extra scratches!!!!
So this bag would be perfect for me!

Thank you and I enjoy reading your site everyday.

jtcolt says:

The field bag would be a great companion for my ipad when traveling.I think it is probably the best designed one for the purpose that I have seen on the market yet.

iirishassassin says:

The Field Bag looks sick!

I promise I will use it every day :)

TheNickKitchen says:

I'd freaking love the field bag! Incredible craftsmanship.

Sent from the iMore App

Skippete says:

I would love to have the field bag. Outstanding quality and just what I need for when I am traveling "light".

seadweller16600 says:

I'd most love to call the Little Pocket Book for iPhone my own because I'm in the market for a new case. Perfect timing!

icecrystal23 says:

The Field Bag would be perfect for my commute. It'd fit my laptop if needed and not be ridiculous to carry around when I don't have my laptop.

aumpierre says:

The field bag would be perfect to lug around all the papers I have to grade. Awesome!!

sploos says:

I really like either one. I use my little pocket book all the time, and am running short on pages left. The bag is absolutely beautiful. I also have a passion for handcrafted awesomeness!

Cantico says:

The little pocket book is exactly what I've been looking for!

T_i_z says:

I would be greatful to win the field bag. Elegant, sophiscated style. Perfect match with my style!

mtnoblexx87 says:

i would REALLY like the little pocket book as I have an iPhone that is currently unprotected. I also REALLY need a new wallet so winning this would solve both problems :)

troystaylor says:

The Field Bag because it would be perfect with my MacBook Air.

pthompson913 says:

I would like to win the field bag!

Ezra Reschke says:

I would love the pocket book because I really like the look and amazing design of it.

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HardBoiled says:

Wow, the Field Bag looks great--rugged with style! I'd love to win it! Thanks!

dalbertson says:

That field bag is BEAUTIFUL! Pen and Quill's products always look amazing.

Hamza Salau says:

the field bag definitely . the full grain leather is just exquisite and the bag can hold all of my tech, my macbook,phones, tablets, and ps vita all in a sleek and stylish package

meyerch5 says:

Field Bag. Would love to carry all my daily load in such an elegant package.

Citadelsix says:

The field bag looks incredible. I own the P&Q little black book, as well as their case for my iPad. The field bag would be an excellent way to round out the set.

jaBBu says:

I would have to go with the Field Bag. I have so many gadgets to carry and this bag would hold them, keep them safely stored and look good all at the same time. The only problem if I win this, is that I may have to fight to keep it as I know a couple of family members who will want it!

UWAlum says:

Wouldn't mind the field bag. Looks fantastic.

spencerdl says:

I like the FieldBag. Looks GREAT and its the perfect size. I hope I WIN!!!

aacirillo says:

The pocket book. It's functional and shows a touch of class.

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FrontRoyalCPU says:

Here is my entry. Field bad would be nice to have.

Blackfeet says:

I'm in - I could use either one of these. Choices... Choices...

ghost07 says:

I am a bag guy, but I now have to carry a work phone and combining my wallet and phone in one pocket might be the best way to go.

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KovNin says:

The field bag looks super awesome. Would love it. Hope I win!!

danish1978 says:

The field bag would make it easier for me to move from work to school to mommy/wife much easier. Pick me!

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marc britten says:

I could use a nice everyday bag. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Field Bag!

hot_guitar says:

I would love the Field Bag! It is enormously stylish and extremely functional, which is my idea of a great product! It would be a great way for me to carry my MBP or iPad around with me, along with other necessities. As a guy, I think this bag is very masculine and would be a great accessory!

IFParrothead says:

I need the field bag. My back pack is far too large for my needs. Perfect for my iPad mini and a few files, plus everything else I need for the road.

linsiris says:

That field bag has me drooling with all those pockets and high end materials, just as I like it to keep all my gadgets in place and safe. What an awesome bag!

skeets000 says:

I would like the field bag for my ipad, I need a hardy case for my iphone

richard451 says:

The Field bag looks like something I would carry.

Paul Adling says:

The field bag looks great especially for carrying my iPad.

emjayess says:

I would really appreciate the Field Bag. I travel around seeing clients with my iPad and iPhone, so that would really be cool to have a bag that nice!

rkbrown81 says:

I'd love the Little Pocket Book because I'm still looking for the perfect iPhone wallet case.

Codvisp says:

The Field Bag would be a dream come true for my MacBook Pro 13"!
Classy bad for the classy laptop :)
Thank you guys for the chance to win!

Quinnovate says:

I'm a Field Bag kinda guy. I regularly need such a bag for trips both local on the train and distant by plane.

sbatwater says:

Love that pocket book for the iPhone. Would look sharp on my 5s!

tut00 says:

I would love to win one of these. I have been looking at them for a while now. Would be perfect for my commute!

Paul Alvarez1 says:

I have been needing a new bag and have had my eye on that Pad & Quill Field bag for sometime! It would be great to win it! Thanks.

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Michael Sinz says:

The Field Bag looks wonderful and I would love to win it. (And, if I don't I may end up buying one)

zavandiver says:

The Field Bag. Pad & Quill products are awesome!

flgregg says:

Field Bag for the win! Go iMore!

Torben Jensen2 says:

My poor naked iPhone 5 need some cool clothes..
The Pocket Book would be perfect.

TacomaJustin says:

I'd like to win the field bag. It looks far better than the ratty bag i'm using now.

Ermiasthe says:

I'm college student and had some difficult time taking whole book bag just to take my iPad with me to classes.. I would love to have the the field bag and make my life easier..

Vaas says:

I am in, either one would make a great gift for my wife. :)

MrCornfed says:

Field Bag. It looks a lot better than the Ralph's bag I use at the moment.

analogvike says:

I'd go with the Field Bag. Perfect for carrying around our new iPad Mini with Retina and other items when we go out into town with our three, young children!

Ryan Arroyo says:

I think that The Field Bag is stunning and would love to give it try. The quality of the bag looks amazing and would definitely crack my work bag rotation. To be honest, I wouldn't mind either one. I've been curious about wallet cases for a while and would be open to trying this case out too.

greentj says:

The field bag. It will come in handy to carry all of my devices to and from work.

tuckerratcliff says:

I would for sure go with the Field Bag ONLY because my dad has the Pad & Quill case for his iPad, and this would complement it.

M4c0770 says:

Field bag will be very useful for daily basis, thanks imore

zma15 says:

The Field Bag, no doubt about it! The leather skin is extremely attractive! I can fit everything i need for my classes.

Cmart1982 says:

I would love to get my hands on the little pocket book for the iPhone. It's genuinely hard to find superior craftsmanship like this and I would love to put my gorgeous 5s in it!

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MaxiumGrimm says:

Either or, THEY ARE BOTH AMAZING !!!!!!!

jguzman89 says:

The Field Bag would be awesome! I think it brings an elegance to carrying your very valuable possessions yet in a very practical package. It is a very beautiful creation and would love to sport that on my back!

davjaxn says:

That Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5S is amazing. It is everything I need in a new iPhone case! I don't travel all that much but will be traveling more than I usually do this year and to have everything in one (phone case, money, cards, ID...) all in one incredibly stylish and well made case would be a dream. I would love the brown/green one.

chilleymac says:

They both look quite nice, but that Field Bag is amazing. I've recently become a little obsessed with the design aesthetic of natural materials combined/contrasting with technology. Obviously, Pad & Quill's products and general style sets that obsession into overdrive. Add in the craftsmanship and the little flourishes like the wood logo and the signature and that bag really does it for me. Mark me down for one!

kempmullaney says:

The field bag for sure! With the amount of travel I do it would be great to have a new lightweight, smaller day-bag.

markjf68 says:

The Field Bag as it would be perfect for my daily needs as a mostly paperless lawyer.

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Erieg says:

The pocket book looks incredible! I would love to have one.

synthdrive says:

I'd love the field bag because it seems to have a similar level of craftsmanship and care as Apple products

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sicpuppy says:

Field bag looks awesome ! Would love it .Good luck to all !

johnmacabinta says:

Great one to have is the pocket book!

Bulldawg says:

Field Bag, 100%. Looks perfect for carrying my iPad and a few smaller items on my walk to work.

yashendra2797 says:

Field bag guys! Always entered, but never won something!

gautch says:

I've been on the look out for a new bag due to a new job. The Field Bag would be perfect.

SirPsycho84 says:

I would LOVE the field bag, I already have the little book book and I’ve been traveling more and more lately so the field bag would be perfect to carry around my iPad as well as other things.

pstmd says:

I Want Both!
But I can use the field bag more.
I'm still using the Targus bag that came free with my "Pismo" Powerbook back in 2001

gmada says:

The Field Bag would be a great addition to my metro style. I like this made of leather. BTW, I had a girlfriend named Michelle Haag in high school (but that was many many moons ago). :-)

1bradwelch says:

Looks great.

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Blurbia says:

Field Bag because I have been looking for a carry case for my MBP, and that bag looks pretty good. Thanks!

moxon64 says:

I was looking for a new laptop bag. The designer bags provided for gucci and louis vuitton, do not offer much is size, as you are constantly worry if you over packing.


Adnan Alam1 says:

I would like the field bag (if I win).

althalus204 says:

The Field, I'm working to streamline more of my life and this bag would be great help.

haggisgirl says:

With all the traveling I do, the Field Bag would help me tremendously. Thank you Pad & Quill and iMore for the contest.

Tapuckita says:

I'd like the pocket book please so I can protect my iPhone with style

dilligaf79 says:

I really like the Field Bag. Plus I've been looking for a man bag, so it would work great for that.

crookone10 says:

The field bag is obviously so sweet. Would love to have one.

Richard Gallagher III says:

-The Field Bag-
I really need a stylish bag like this for my brand new job in Chicago! I've been eyeing Pad & Quill's bags for a while, but since I just graduated, they were a bit out of my price range. Perhaps this field bag will also help me pick up the ladies on the L and Metra everyday!

luciancastillo says:

Little pocket book!

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Dudley228 says:

I would love to get my hands on a field bag and take it for a spin.

jiden77 says:

The field bag would be great. I could use it for my ever-growing collection of "i" gadgets, especially with my 2 year old son and little girl on the way! :-)

cmcduffie69 says:

I would love to win the field bag as I only have an iPad. I recently had a L5-S1 laminectomy and have to walk several blocks to work, after commuting over an hour in. This would be very handy as I have to endure the elements. Even if I don't win, I appreciate y'all doing these giveaways. BUT - I do hope I win!!!

Jason Green5 says:

The field bag looks awesome, would be great for school.

Becjr says:

That Field Bag - for the [Indiana Jones-esque] win!

1CrackBerriz says:

I would love to have The Field Bag to lug around my 13" MBA, and whatever else I'd need for University. What prospective Mechanical Engineer wouldn't want to look smashing with one of these Pad & Quill bags.

RevJar says:

I would definitely choose the Field Bag. Very good craftsmanship and it just all the way around looks good and classy.

nijoma81 says:

The Field Bag would be amazing and very helpful for travel and work. Very high quality!