Flipboard turns your social streams into an iPad magazine

Flipboard for iPad

Take all your social media streams like Facebook and Twitter, flow them into a daring, dynamic iPad magazine and you have Flipboard. Billed as "everything you care about in one place" it will no doubt delight those who live for what our friends and those we follow are recommending, and annoy those who think the social web is a noisy, confusing crap-shoot. (Those deliberately without a social graph, of course, need not apply).

For me the key will be wether it gets stuck on meme-heavy, oft-repeated (or re-tweeted) content or whether it helps me better discover those little gems discovered by my more adept friends.

But why am I still typing, there's an @lonelysandwhich video after the break!

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Reader comments

Flipboard turns your social streams into an iPad magazine


This would be nice if you could actually do anything in the app. it keeps saying that flipboard is too busy and to come back and try again. It seems as though signing in through facebook or twitter requires some type of connection to the flipboard servers (?) but they didn't bank on all the press.
Not sure I see the difference between this and the many other news aggrigators that look like papers.

Yeah, I got to use it for a little while but now it can't connect to their servers. Too many people on I guess. It was really cool though. Very fluid just like in the commercial. Which I liked, not kicked. Lol. I wasn't able to login to Facebook or Twitter, however. I'll wait till traffic dies down to try that.

It says {"success":false,"errormessage":"flipboard is over capacity"}
Whoopsy...guess they didn't plan for all the publicity...

How come there is no word on Apple collecting GPS + WiFi data yet on this blog and I had to read about it FIRST in the NEWSPAPER?!?
Also, I miss a story about the disguised tethering app (now already removed) Handy Light.
TIPB is getting a little unreliable..

I read these articles and wonder what is wrong with people; do they ever get outside? Take a walk, read a book, travel the world or at least your own State! Who cares what some guy you went to school with 15 years ago, and you have not talked to since, is eating for dinner right now. Unbelievable what this "Social Networking" had done to people's brains.