Job listings hint at official Reddit apps for Android and iOS


According to a new job listing, official Reddit apps are in the works for Android and iOS. Reddit is a super-popular social networking site focused on news aggregation alongside general findings that people come across. The job posting was published by Reddit admin taxidermyunicornhead in the For Hire subreddit.

Both Android and iOS have been mentioned on the skill requirement list with Java and Objective C highlighted. We can look to expect a similar, unified experience across the board with the new apps with the addition of location-based advertising and the ability to post content to social networking accounts.

It is still early days, but we'll keep a lookout for more details. Are you interested by an official Reddit app or are you content with the plethora of third-party alternatives already available?

Source: Reddit, via: CNET

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Rich Edmonds

News Editor

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Job listings hint at official Reddit apps for Android and iOS


I love Alien Blue, however most people use the default apps because they are free. It is hard to compete with free.

I hope that they do it well and refrain from not making it resemble the mobile web interface.

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