Kindle for iPhone and iPad gets its X-Rays on

Kindle for iPhone and iPad gets its X-Rays on

Amazon has updated their ebook reading app for iPhone and iPad to Kindle version 3.5, and added their fancy new X-Ray feature to it, along with some improvements to manga rendering. Amazon says X-Ray lets you get "to the bones of the book" (yeah... ouch), which in less strained language means it hooks into Wikipedia and Shelfari. That means you can look up the people, places, and phrases, and descriptions from the book right inside the Kindle app. No switching required.

I mostly have comic books in Kindle, and the X-Ray button stayed grayed out for me even in the few standard books I have in my library, but if you've managed to get X-Ray working, let me know what you think of it, and how it compares to using X-Ray on Amazon's Kindle hardware proper.

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Kindle for iPhone and iPad gets its X-Rays on


Reading a book on my kindle now about Omaha beach and D-day and it works there. If I highlight a word or phrase the definition box pops up and there are google and Wikipedia options at the bottom. Nice add amazon!

I read a lot of books on my iPad with the Kindle App. So far, X-ray feature has remained greyed out, even with newer books

Okay, I found a book that is X-ray enabled. A cursory glance and I say it looks intriguing but I don't know about useful. Maybe if I had to write a book report . . .