Last day to grab 193 comics for free courtesy of Image comics and comiXology

If you're looking to fill out your comiXology comic collection you're in luck. Although we are admittedly a bit late to catch this, the folks from Image Comics and comiXology are giving away 193 free comics and today is the last day to grab them. Among those available you'll find The Walking Dead, Witchblade, Epic Kill, Fatale and many, many more.

All you need to do is open up the comiXology app and go to the Image Comics publisher page and make your selections. Alternatively, you can also visit the comiXology site where they offer up an awesome 'add all to cart button' that allows for them to be instantly available on your device after checkout. Thanks, Paunngaq!

Chris Parsons

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iWreckLV says:

I just registered an account with ComiXology and clicked the free comics link. I only got 66, not 193? Thanks though, almost missed it as well.

joshrocker says:

I'm getting a purchasing error? Anyone seen anything like that?

joshrocker says:

I realized that there was a new app. That was the cause of my problems.

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yashendra2797 says:

Damn it. Looks like I missed it. It's showing that I will have to pay 192 dollars...

GeniusUnleashed says:

Me too. Even though the page still says free number ones. Lame.

Ahmad Zulfadhli says:

Missed it.... Hmm

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RupMjee says:

Damn.. missed the awesome offer -:(
It's over.

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escapedrift says:

most of the comics weren't great and have already been deleted off my device...

Carioca32 says:

That is the point of getting them free, to separate good from bad without having to commit any money.

GrilledCheesus says:

Missed it. Now I'm p*ssed. Wish I'd never seen this.