The Magazine made stronger, faster, better

The Magazine made stronger, faster, better

Marco Arment's The Magazine, a new take on the traditional concept of great articles by great writers collected together and published at fixed intervals, has been updated with stronger, faster, and better architecture with version 1.2. You now get full-width images. You can collapse issues if you want to keep them around but not have them take up too much space. And a bunch of interface and bug fixes, and a new CoreData driven data engine.

It's a series of small tweaks, but it gives me an excuse to write about it again, and point out that Arment has made issue 1 and issue 2 of The Magazine, which include articles by John Siracusa, Gina Trapani, Lex Friedman, Daniel Rutter, Alex Knight, Guy English, Jason Snell, Alex Payne, Michael Lopp and Marco Arment, free to read via on the web.

If you're already a reader of The Magazine, grab the update now. If not, download the app and give the free trial a shot.

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The Magazine made stronger, faster, better

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Spectacular. Beautiful intuitive design, interesting stories. Lets writers like Lex Friedman and Serenity Caldwell break out of their formal Macworld silos. It lets them make more personal statements. And maybe that's the real key to The Magazine's success: it feels personal. It's neither "big publishing" nor narrowly-focused blog.

Oh, and the design reminds me of a quote:

"Good design is as little design as possible."
- Dieter Rams