Ruby brings a clean and customizable Reddit experience to iOS

Ruby brings a clean and customizable Reddit experience to iOS

Ruby for Reddit provides a clean interface paired with functionality and customizations that the default Reddit app doesn't give you. If you're heavily active in the Reddit community, Ruby is the best option currently available.

On the surface, Ruby has a clean interface that doesn't distract from content. It comes complete with inline image support for many services and integration with Pocket. You can sign in to your Reddit account and view your subscribed subreddits and other profile information.

Ruby is free but ad supported. If you upgrade to Ruby Pro, you'll be able to remove ads, choose custom fonts, change color schemes, password protect your Reddit, and more. Ruby Pro can be accessed via the settings menu and is a one time purchase of $0.99.

Overall, Ruby gives you access to more customizations than the default app and seems to have a better layout. If you're a Reddit fan, we'd definitely recommend giving it a try. After you do, let us know what you think.

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Reader comments

Ruby brings a clean and customizable Reddit experience to iOS


How can you honestly recommend this as the best option for reddit clients on iOS? Alien Blue is far and above the best when it comes to features and UX.

I've been playing with it for a few minutes and it seems like a decent enough client, but it lacks portrait support on the iPad and the self post layout has a whole lot of wasted space.

Definitely a lot of potential to become a really awesome client though!

Ruby is actually a darn good Reddit client, in my opinion. I'm testing it out alongside Alien Blue (which I've had for a while) and with a few more updates, it may replace Alient Blue as *my* go-to Reddit client. Alien Blue is still king for now, but Ruby is indeed a threat, in my opinion.