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Aol Instant Messenger

BeejiveIM Live in the App Store -- Is $15.99 the Right Price?

If you're an IM-hound, it's time for you to head over to iTunes and lay down $15.99 for BeejiveIM. The multi-client software can handle AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, ICQ, and Jabber all in one little app. The whole services works via Beejive's own servers which allows them to include a couple of neat features. The first -- they'll cache your messages so if you go out of service or quit the app your messages will be waiting when you return. The second -- if you have an Exchange or MobileMe account, you can punch in your email address in the preferences and Beejive will shoot you a quick email letting you know that you've just received a message. Nice. Hopefully that feature will be unnecessary once Apple offers push notifications, but in the meantime it's a clever stopgap solution.

The only real downside is that the price, $15.99, doesn't really seem in line with the current $9.99 default price on a lot of apps. I'm of two minds on this issue. Come read the pros and cons with us after the break!

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