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Apple Commercials

Apple takes home an Emmy Award for 'Misunderstood' commercial

Apple has won an Emmy Award for the category of outstanding commercial in 2014 for its Misunderstood ad. The commercial debuted late last year in the 2013 Holiday season and shows how the iPhone can be used to capture and record, edit, and share memories for the holidays.

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Apple releases new iPhone 5s ad, makes 'Dreams' come true

Apple has released a new ad for the iPhone 5s called 'Dreams'. While mobile devices are mainly viewed as personal toys as well as mobile phones, this new video shows how the iPhone 5s is utilized in numerous professional and personal situations, including both medical and fire-fighter careers, to aid said folk with their life changing work.

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Apple shines a light on 'Parenthood' in new iPhone 5s ad

Apple has released a new commercial for the iPhone 5s called Parenthood. Set to the song Life of Dreams by Julie Doiron is shows a variety of parents and children learning, playing, laughing, and coming together better because of the iPhone.

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Apple releases first iPhone 5s commercial, Metal Mastered, and it's all about the gold

Apple has debuted their first iPhone 5s commercial, called Metal Mastered, and not surprisingly it focuses on gold. Based on the video originally shown off during the WWDC 2013, it uses Terminator 2-style liquid metal morphing FX to literally pour the gold iPhone out onto the screen. Here's the caption:

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Apple releases new "All on iPad" commercial

Apple has launched another new iPad commercial, this one called "All on iPad" and once again focusing on the many things you can do with the many different apps available for iPad. The ad copy says:

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Apple releases new iTunes Beatles commercial, Covers

Apple has released a new iTunes TV commercial, this one focused on the Beatles and called Covers.

Let iTunes take you on a journey through The Beatles, from Please, Please Me, all the way to Abbey Road.

It's a well executed, visually interesting commercial, and just in time for the holidays.

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Apple airs first iPhone 4S commercial, focuses on Siri

Apple has aired their first iPhone 4S commercial and it's all about Siri, their new artificially intelligent voice control system. In the commercial, Siri is told:

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